Summer Blues

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Phoebe with a new toy

Phoebe with a new toy

Actually summer in Texas isn’t blue, it’s RED HOT! I now avoid the weather app, because I know what it’s going to say. 100+ for the next 15 days. ((sigh)) I realize the heat isn’t limited to Texas. I read it was 100 degrees in Anchorage, Alaska last week. Wow!

So do you get the summer blues? I’m noticing that people around me are acting a bit sluggish. Maybe we’re all conserving our energy. Always, when the weather turns to blazing hot, I remember this verse from Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, verse 1.

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

When I was a child, with no a/c in our house, summertime was a time to read, work on jigsaw puzzles, and if we had a chance play in the water hose. Not a lot has changed since then. We have a/c, but I still use summer to read, and if I can get away with it I play in the water hose. My dogs love that!

If you find yourself feeling a bit blue, tired, or under the weather, just remember that there’s a time for every season … and we’ll be laughing about this in September.

How do YOU spend hot, summer days? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you and your comment could encourage someone else!

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8 thoughts on “Summer Blues

  1. Meg

    During the “hot” days of summer, I love the a/c and get caught up on my scrapbooking, especially since having our first grandchild born on June 1. I love your Amish mysteries, since we only live 45 minutes away from shipsawanna

  2. Marillyn

    Happy summer days are perfect for reading until time to can produce or make jam. I’m thankful for a/c but think of our forefathers and how they endured.

  3. Nancee Marchinowski

    Here in Michigan we’ve always referred to the extremely hot days of summertime as “the dog days of summer.” Your photo of Phoebe reflects that saying! We did the same things you did since a/c was pretty much limited in those days. We had a huge willow tree, and many times I’d take a beach towel or blanket and lie under the canopy of that tree with my dolls and books. Those are sweet memories for me. Nowadays I enjoy the coolness of the house, and read or do a bit of needlework.

  4. Fiona

    I actually get ‘summertime sadness’ – practically the opposite of when people get depressed on cold dark winter nights. I think in Great Britain our summers are so short and rare people don’t want to admit feeling like this so it’s good to see someone honest about how it makes them feel.

  5. Patti G.

    Yes, it has been an unusually hot summer! I stayed inside on the extremely hot days. I read, sewed, and spent time on Pinterest collecting cool refreshing salads to make for supper. One benefit of the hot weather here in PA, we have had the most amazing sunsets I can ever remember. They start out as cotton candy skies (pink and blue) and then become vibrant gold, red, violet, to deep purple. Even with the intense heat, God rewards us with natural beauty!

  6. Valorie Smith

    Hot Days of summer… Kick back, feet up, AC turned down low, snuggle under a blanket while reading a book from my Amish library…