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I think everyone likes to be read to. When I taught high school and college, I was amazed that my older students STILL liked to be read to. So today, I thought that I’d read you the prelude of my upcoming release, Deep Shadows.

I hope you enjoyed that. If Youtube would allow me to, I’d read the entire thing to you! I imagine that file would be a bit too large.

Deep Shadows smI loved your comments last week on your pantry. Looks like I’m the only one who is lagging behind in this area. Maybe it’s my generation though. We EXPECT things to always be in abundant supply at the grocery store. Deep Shadows is about a lot more than groceries. It’s about how communities come together in times of trouble, how God provides for our needs, and how our love for one another and for Him is enough to carry us through any trouble.

THIS WEEK I’d love for you to comment with a question for me. Ask me anything you like. I’ll answer as many as I can next week, and I’ll randomly choose one person to win:

  • something that I quilted. (Think small.)
  • I’ll throw in some signed bookmarks as well and
  • a copy of A Wedding for Julia, one of my fav Amish romance books.

PS- Last week’s winner was Kay. If you’re Kay, check your email and you should find a note from me!

Announcements for this week: 

  • Harvest House is giving away 10 copies of Deep Shadows on Goodreads.
  • Deep Shadows is still available for pre-order. All vendors offer a pre-order price guarantee, so if the price goes down before the item is released, you receive the lower price. **Amazon ** B&N ** CBD. Also, the paperback price is only $7.49 on CBD.
  • My June rafflecopter is going strong, and it’s easy to enter daily. Check here for details. This month’s giveaway includes a copy of Hidden, a set of quilted coasters, a Texas note card, and  a $10 Starbucks card.

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22 thoughts on “Deep Shadow READING

  1. Barbara

    That was really neat hearing you read your own work, Vannetta! Thanks for doing that. My question for you: What’s a skill you have that you think would be helpful should a catastrophic event (like the one in DEEP SHADOWS) hit your town?

  2. Laura Shuck

    I loved your reading and the book sounds intense!
    My pantry isn’t set for a future EMP or similar disaster; I’d like to think I could adapt and survive someting like that but one really doesn’t know that for sure until it really happens.

    There are a number of things I think I would miss, family if they were not near and the ease of commuicating we have now. But I would also miss books; I wonder if the age old skill of verbal storytelling would return?

    What do you think you would miss should a disaster that encompasses the entire country should occur?

  3. Betty weightman

    I love that Christian authors have giveaways. You’re books are always a great read.

    Have you ever made a quilt? If so, did you start small with a baby quilt.

  4. Elizabeth Dent

    Loved your video and loved your voice . Can’t wait to read Deep Shadow . Love your books and looking forward to reading this one . You could have kept right on reading . LOL THANKS

  5. Marilyn R

    Vannetta, I enjoyed hearing you read from Deep Shadows. Thank you for sharing your time and talent.

    What inspired you to write Deep Shadows? Will there be a sequel to Deep Shadows?

    Do you outline your characters and theme before you start writing a new novel or does the character develop their own characteristics as you are writing?

    God bless.

  6. Judith A Fritz

    Valetta – Where do you come up with ideas for your books!!! I really enjoy reading them!! Judy F

  7. Juanita Cook

    I love reading your books. Deep Shadows sounds very good. Have you always wanted to write books and what inspired this book?

  8. Patricia Kovach

    I absolutely LOVE your Amish Book Series, and I will look forward to reading your new mystery series, too! I am a Hodgkins Lymphoma “survivor” for over 14 years now, and even thought I am stil doing the chemotherapy treatments I consider myself a survivor! I love reading and taking your books to my Oncologist’s office to leave for another one of the patients to enjoy! Please keep writing the beautiful stories and I just want to say “Thank You” for clean, wonderful Christian stories! Have a good evening!

  9. Tiffany

    Can’t wait to read Deep Shadows!
    My question for you is…
    What is your favorite genre of books to read?