The Kitchen Pantry

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pantrySo…how is your kitchen pantry looking? How full are your shelves? Do you have a bunch of food in there? Or is it kind of bare?

This is something I thought about as I was writing my new novel, Deep Shadows (book 1 in The Remnant series). The basic storyline is that the power goes out for a long time. A really long time–like 40 years. It goes out everywhere. You’ll have to read the book so see why.

But of course that started me thinking. How prepared am I for any type of emergency? I checked out my pantry. Didn’t look too good. I mean ONE BOX of mac and cheese? It’s only 33 cents. Why do I have only one box? So I challenged myself to purchase a few extra supplies. How do you like what I bought? Deep Shadows smWe know and believe that God will care for us REGARDLESS of the circumstances around us. But part of his caring for us is providing us with resources, like an extra 33 cents to buy one more box of mac and cheese.

So tell me. How does YOUR pantry look?

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23 thoughts on “The Kitchen Pantry

  1. Anne Rightler

    I have a fair amount of food in my cupboards but definitely wouldn’t be enough for 40 years. Lord, send the manna and quail! Or guess I better get digging a garden. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Judy Smith

    We have a large pantry cabinet and it is stocked with enough to keep us going for at least a month. Not enough drinkable water, though. The 5th wheel stove runs on propane; we could cook until that was gone. Must put the thinking cap on…….

  3. susanlulu2013

    I’m embarrassed to say that my pantry (and everywhere else in the kitchen) is WAY overstocked! I’m not proud of it. I buy and buy, then don’t feel in the mood for it, so by the time I want to eat it, it’s outdated. (For example, the cake mix I pulled out the other day was 4 years too old. Yes, I had lots more in there, so I pulled out the next oldest one. It was only “old” by 2 years.) I really could live a year without going to the grocery store. Did I say that I live alone?

  4. Patti G.

    Growing up on a farm, in a multi-generational Mennonite family, you learn very early in life that the pantry must be stocked! To this day, I do a lot of canning and preserving, just like my mom and grandmother did. I also pressure can which allows me to can jars of stews and vegetables to last throughout the year.

    1. Judy Smith

      Several years ago when preparing to move across the country, I thawed meats, cooked them up as stew meat or chili, canned them and, woohoo, we had foods ready to eat during the remodeling and moving in time. (Left the freezer for the new owner.)

  5. Kay

    My friends and some of my family make fun of me during shopping time and others too. I cannot get down to the last of anything and have a supply of most everything. They claim I am prepared for the zombie invasion. Well if anything did happen, I am sure they would be coming round, lol. Not sure it would last for 40 years though.

  6. Marilyn R

    I have basic staples in my pantry along with extra food. I grew up on a farm so can goods are on my shelves, too. God’s word tells us He has never seen the righteous begging for bread so I’m trusting God to always provide. We would learn to fast more and seek God for our daily needs as our ancestors instead of trying to be self sufficient in the land of plenty.

  7. Lisa Wine

    We usually have supplies for our staples, but not enough for 40 years. Usually a month or two. It’s the fresh foods that we wouldn’t have enough.

  8. Debra Bearden

    Our pantry is a little bare. It needs some incase something happens food. This post is a good reminder to stock up!

  9. Paula Cook

    We have a decently large pantry and it’s pretty full, not 40 years full. But we could eat for a bit thankfully! Maybe a month or two.

  10. Janet Estridge

    Dear Vannetta, My kitchen pantry looks like Mother Hubbard’s but going to the grocery tomorrow. Our local store has buy one, get one. The free one goes to our church pantry. I would love to win a print copy of your book, “Anna’s Healing”.
    Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.

  11. Faithful Acres Body Soul Spirit

    Well I can’t say I stock up on pasta, but I do have 50 flour, sweeteners, things needed to bake from scratch and we keep canned veggies more so and Eggs, meat and the like on hand to cook ! I also keep a good supply of herbs and some medications on hand.
    We have candles and oil lanterns and we heat with wood, so I guess were ok for a time but I feel we really need to stock more things just in case of emergency.

    I do feel that somehow God will provide for us in end times, but we do try to keep
    our pantry stocked with enough for a month at a time.

    Linda Finn

  12. Angela Skaggs

    My cupboard is pretty stocked. I love to read cookbooks and like to have different stuff on hand to create yummy meals. Plus we have a small garden this year with thoughts to increase next year. It is fun to see things grow that you can eat.

  13. vmorgan456

    we have a large garden so my pantry is pretty well stocked with my canned goods. We are also stocked with canned goods that I get on sale. i think the one thing I would be lacking would be in the meat department. If the power went out the freezer meat would be used up pretty quick. Something to consider I guess.

  14. Sharee

    This topic has always fascinated me. The balance between trusting God to provide and being wise enough to store. The Scripture says the ant stores up for winter, so I know that it’s not wrong for us but definitely knowing the difference between the two extremes.

    My pantry always has an abundance of cream of mushroom soup and canned tomatoes. I’m not really sure why.

  15. amy linderman

    boy my pantry is bare right now…need to get back into couponing and sales and restock it! this book looks amazing!!

  16. vannettachapman Post author

    You all keep a MUCH better stocked pantry than I do. I’m usually happy to find one extra jar of peanut butter. For example, I was sure I had jiffy cornbread in there. Just checked–NOPE. So it’s biscuits with our red beans tonight. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

  17. Kat Ross

    My pantry is full. I also happen to sell food storage items that can be rotated for everyday use/meals, which I do regularly:

    You might enjoy some of the benefits of this delicious and easy to prepare food or just eat some of it straight from the cans! I find that I do less grocery shopping, my body is more nutritiously fed, and my cabinets are full, so I no longer think that there is nothing to eat, which I used to do prior to March 2016 when I started to purchase the food. Plus, if there is a power outage in the area, especially the summer time, I have no waste from the fridge or freezer and I have something healthy to eat.

    Many items have a 50 year shelf life too… They are also non-gmo, which is awesome!