Memorial Day Moments

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Howdy! Don’t we all love a 3 day weekend? Well, some of us are working (yikes, I’m behind). If you’re working too, fist bump me. Today I wanted to talk to you about Memorial Day. You know we’re all happy about that extra day of rest, but then it’s a solemn day too.


So how about it? Do you have some special items that remind you of loved ones? If so, comment below and tell me about them, or just comment with the name of someone you’d like to remember on this special day.

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22 thoughts on “Memorial Day Moments

  1. Nancy Pack

    On Memorial Day I especially remember my daddy, Samuel Webb, US Navy WWII. He was without a doubt one of the old timers. He loved to tell stories about his service to our country aboard the battleship North Carolina. What I would give to again hear those stories. RIP you ole salt!

  2. Ramona

    My father was a WWII veteran born during the depression. He taught himself carpentry and other several skills. I would work alongside my dad as his “helper” when I was little.
    Twenty years later, when we started to divide up his possessions I was drawn to two items-his hammer and his saw.
    I still have and use them.

  3. Linda piraino

    My daddy was in the army. I was thirteen when he deed. I have his rocking chair he got on his first birthday in 1910
    Had a special step dad he passed away in 1992
    Mt back porch is all done in red white n blue all their pic are hanging out their!

  4. Christine Windorski Kilner

    Memorial Day — especially this year — is always hard because my father was buried on Memorial Day. I am grateful that I had him for 17 years which is more than a lot of people have their parents today. So, rather than being sad, I focus on the good things and give thanks for all our veterans have done and all of my great memories with my father.

  5. Sherry Shook

    Memorial Day honors those who have lost their life while serving our country. I have never lost a family member while serving but I do think of my Grandpa, Nicholas Patton Shook on this day. He served in WWII and was captured and declared MIA. My Grandmother was notified of his presumed death and while he was later found and returned safely to the US and to my Grandmother, he was injured. His life was forever changed along with the lives of my Grandmother and my Dad. Freedom does have it’s cost.

  6. Melissa L

    I have so many family and friends who have served or are serving our country!! I remember my cousin who did three tours in Vietnam and thankfully came home each time. I remember my husband’s grandfather who left his Amish faith to serve our country. MAY they rest in piece.

  7. Alice Breeding

    A picture of my late husband as a young Naval officer and aviator. Had I known him then, I would have fallen in love much sooner.

  8. Debra Bearden

    Today I am remembering my father-in-law Fred Bearden who fought in WWII (army) and my stepdad Addison Hand (he is 94) who also fought in WWII (navy).

  9. Anne Rightler

    Thinking of my dad, Gerald. He served in WWII. He NEVER shared anything about his experience in the war. Mom said he would wake up screaming at night after he came back. I’m sure he had what is now known as PTSD but the Lord healed his mind and he was an emotionally whole man for the rest of his life. He passed his love of reading on to me! He died 15 years ago but lives on in my memory with lots of good memories of him. He was a good man and I look forward to seeing him again.

  10. Melissa

    I especially want to remember my Daddy, Paul Lee, who is in Heaven now. He served in WWII and he was a true gentleman. I learned many things from him. I love the memory of when I was a little girl, standing beside him in church while he sang the beautiful hymns. He was tall and so handsome. I would stand and look up at him and think about how he was a wonderful Daddy. God bless all our service members on this Memorial Day and every day.

  11. Judy Corbin

    Vannetta, I am the person who chose to put flags on all the veterans in the cemetery at my church. Locally, the American Legion Auxiliary does that. Even though I’m not a member, I countered several years ago to do that for them. So, it is my civic duty that I do got our community, but I consider it such an honor to remember the vets. I only knew just a verb few of them. My husband is a vet and I hope the tribute to honor them will continue on when I am no longer around to do it. ( I placed a video on my page that I made to show at church yesterday, if you have 2 min to view it)

  12. Debbie Earls

    I am remembering my dear uncle & grandparents. They didn’t serve in the military. However, they were very special people. My grandpa along with my dad & uncle started our family business, a saddle shop, 52 years ago. I am now the third generation owner. My papa passed 28 years ago, my mama 12 years ago & my uncle 2 years ago. I miss them very much. I have many special items in the store on display that they collected over the years. Military saddles, saddle bags, harness brasses, a bridle made of horsehair, stirrups, side saddles, etc. The store is on the family farm that was purchased long before I was born. I have so many happy memories from my childhood of playing in the pasture, having horses & cattle, feeding the chickens, exploring. We were blessed to live close by so we could walk there. I am blessed to still have my parents. I do miss my grandparents & uncle so much. They were wonderful, hard working people. ❤️

  13. Gail Hollingsworth

    My father-in-law, who’s 92 is a WWII veteran. So glad we still have him. I lost my 41 year old stepdaughter in February unexpectedly. I have several beautiful cross stitch pictures she did for me that I’ll always treasure.

  14. Robin in NC

    Today, May 30th was my mom’s birthday & when we were young my dad said the town put up all the flags for her birthday! Of course as we grew older we all learned the true reason behind it but it was fun to imagine it was for this sweet lady! Missing both parents an awful lot today. 🙁
    rw620 AT aol DOT com

  15. Betty McLevey

    On Special days when I feel down and out I go to the necklace that I had a friend make for me when Momma passed away and I got a lock of her hair and its in a glass charm made with purple glass-beads and besides my family its the most precious thing I have . Yes I have her ring but this lock of a curl is so special . I feel closer to her. I am 73 and was lucky enough to have Mom for 69 of my years here on this earth ,

  16. Myra Johnson

    My father was not able to serve in the military but I have never known a more grateful or more proud person to be an American. He instilled in all his children what America stands for, he taught us the National Anthem. He said you face the American Flag with your hat off and your hand over your heart and you sing you sing loud and you sing proud.

  17. Pauline Osborne

    Hi Vannetta, Happy holiday to you guys….quite day today,finished one of my books and did some games on computer….one of the things I have that reminds me of my MOM is her collection of salt & Pepper sets. they are in a china cabinet with many shelves. I had brothers in the service and sisters that moved far from home so she got lot of unusual ones. I was lucky to get this after she passed on and will pass them on when I go to another someone in the family…

  18. gee20dix

    On Memorial Day I think of my mom who was my Hero. No she was not in the service but she had a son that was in the Army and is paralyzed from the waist down. (my brother.) My mom stuck by us 4 children. We never had a father figure and when we did they would walk away. My mom has been gone 4 years. She died of lung cancer on her 72nd Birthday March 3, 2012. I miss my mom so very much. A strong Christian woman. I know I will see her someday.

  19. Kay

    I am lucky enough to have not lost any of my family due to military service. My father was in Korea during that war and then spent the rest of his work career in the Air National Guard before retiring. And I am blessed that he is still here. My Opa was in the service, but as the enemy in WW1 in Germany. My mother and her family were in a concentration camp during WW2. Again I am blessed to have not lost any of my family in any war or service. I am very thankful for all those who did give the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and the families they left behind.

  20. Debbie Rhoades

    I am remembering my brother and my dad today. My dad served in Okinawa after the Korean War, and my brother served in Vietnam in1969-70. They are both gone now, but I always think of them with so much pride.

  21. kathy cunningham

    I want to recognize my Dad who served in WWII at a hospital. He is still alive (89 years old) and very special.

  22. vannettachapman Post author

    Thanks so much for your comments. I enjoyed reading about your loved ones. Our winner for the week was BETTY McLEVEY. 🙂