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I’m writing today’s blog from the back porch. In Texas, the back porch is where important things happen–it’s where we sip sweet tea, watch the dear, talk to family, and meet with friends. It’s where we go when we need quiet time, devotional time, prayer time. My husband pointed out that we don’t technically have a back porch. We have a back deck, but it’s the same thing in my opinion. My video starts in the back yard and ends up at the deck, where I do my sitting, resting, praying, even working.

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Time to close down the computer and just enjoy sitting on the back porch. I hope you enjoyed today’s video, and I’d love to hear about YOUR back porch, or wherever you go to relax. Leave a comment on the blog, and I’ll draw a winner to receive a complimentary copy of the book of your choice from my book list.




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21 thoughts on “from the back porch

  1. mimionlife

    I love the new blog. I have always been fascinated with porches, front and back. Our townhouse has a back porch that is small, but, I enjoy sitting out there. I love to watch the birds and now, it’s time for the hummingbirds. Watching the trees sway in the wind and feeling the sunshine on my face relaxes me. Also, listening to the sound of the birds singing makes me so happy. God gives us such wonderful blessings to enjoy. Thanks for the tour of your place. 🙂

  2. Maureen Harrod

    I have a front porch and a deck both have helped me through a lot of rough times in prayer. When I sit out front early in the morning I can see planes rising from the airport not to far away and I say a prayer for safe travel. My deck over looks my large back yard and from it I see rabbit;s and squirrels plus varies types of bird’s its as if God is letting meknow of his creatures big and small.The quiet make’s me feel close to my Heavently Father.

  3. Kay

    Well I had a whole not written here and it got deleted for some reason, so lets try again. We dont have a back porch or deck, but our yard is kind of secluded. We have the woods behind us and a hill beside us on one side. The other side is my nephew and his wife so they dont count. The hill is topped with an interstate and we have train tracks behind the houses across the street, but without those noises it doesnt sound like home. I love to watch all the birds we have flitting about in the trees and shrubs. I cant wait for my passionflower vines to bloom for more color. I love walking around out there. I also love your porch(deck) and plants and the dogs of course. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  4. Gail Hollingsworth

    Growing up I loved sitting with my grandparents on their front porch. Lots of great memories.

  5. Linda D. McFarland

    Love sitting on my ‘back porch’ deck but it’s been too cold and rainy in PA! A good place to read, watch the birds and flowers grow….always enjoy your newsletter! Linda

  6. Patti G.

    Thank you, Vannetta! I loved watching your vlog! It is so fascinating to see different parts of our great nation and learn about the flora and fauna that live and grow there.Your land is beautiful! I liked seeing Phoebe and Cola too! It reminded me of my childhood when I grew up on a farm. We would congregate on the back porch at night before bed to eat ice cream with pretzels (I think it is a PA Dutch thing), and we would talk about our day. I grew up without TV (I still don’t have it) and so it was always a special family time where we sang songs, listened to stories from our parents, grandparents, and aunts about their childhood, and just appreciated God’s glorious landscape! I miss those days but I am so grateful for wonderful memories!

  7. Marilyn R

    I do not have a back porch where I live currently. But grew up with 3 porches on our country home. I have a small concrete pad outside of my side garage door, thus that’s where I enjoy sitting in the sun to read, pray, and enjoy God’s beautiful world. I have a lilac bush close by so when they are in bloom it’s lovely! I listen to the birds singing and squirrels playing all around. A great little place to relax and thank God for all His blessings.

  8. Maureen

    What an interesting variety of plants you have! I have a screened-in porch that we can enjoy without the mosquitos, rain or shine.

  9. Betty weightman

    I’m with you (no back porch) just a deck. I love storms & watch them from the family room patio door. I miss having a clothesline. All laundry smells better from outside.
    We have birds & squirrels. My favorite, yellow finch. Did you know they eat from the feeders by hanging upside down. Amazing color also.

  10. Judy Corbin

    Loved viewing your backyard. Have seen pics before of the deer. Always enjoy seeing them! Love the video blogs.

  11. Donna B

    I don’t have a porch to sit out on but I still enjoy sitting in my backyard and watching nature/animals come & go. We live in the country so we never know what animal might be going through the yard. We have a lot of deer and foxes that are frequent visitors.

  12. Connie R.

    It was so much fun to see your back yard and hear your voice, Vannetta! How very personal and special. My “porch” is a small deck in the side yard, just a platform really, that we put in last year. Our lawn is very sloping where there is grass; the only flat spot is the driveway which is gravel. So the “deck” was an attempt to get a flat spot. It’s on the hot side of the house, though, which is inconvenient in the summer, so we are trying to figure out how to make it shady. That might be this year’s project, and I would love to also screen it in somehow, because there are always either blackflies or mosquitos here in Maine!!!

  13. Pat Shrader

    Nice video, and great hearing your voice! We usually only “hear” you through your characters. I live in Florida now, but for many years lived in NH, where I had a three-season back porch overlooking the woods. Not too much wildlife, but hummingbirds galore. It was beautiful, especially during snowstorms.

  14. Nancee Marchinowski

    I love seeing where you spend the majority of your time. Readers love that personal touch of being a part of an author’s life. What a beautiful and peaceful space you have! I live on my front porch which is enclosed now with all season windows. It’s my peaceful place to spend warm days, rain or shine. Thanks for sharing your personal space with us, Vannetta!

  15. fishingjan

    My house has the back of the house facing the street and the front faces the lake. I love it that way. I think a deck counts as a porch.. It is only missing a roof. I’m sitting inside right now watch a squirrel in the bird feeder.

  16. Debbie Rhoades

    Oh, Vannetta, I loved loved loved your video. I told my husband that the next house we move to has to have a clothesline. I remember hanging clothes on the clothesline when I was growing up. You have a beautiful back yard. Keep safe from those mean old thunderstorms. We (Oklahoma and Texas) have already had some severe weather evenings, so I am hoping you have a storm cellar somewhere! Please make more videos!

  17. Donna Garrett

    Your backyard looks amazing. Nothing better than sweet tea, rocking chairs and a good friend. Even if sometimes the good friend is a book!