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I hope you have had a wonderful February. This month we have focused on extending GRACE to ourself. Wow! It’s a powerful concept. We’ve discussed finding our strength in God’s grace, allowing ourselves to rest, and forgiving ourselves for past mistakes.

Today I thought we’d talk about taking care of ourself in general. I meet a lot of women who are exhausted, grumpy, depressed, and even physically ill. Sometimes these things just happen, and as we all know – sometimes these things happen all at once! But many times, I speak with women who are simply not taking care of theirself. They take care of everyone else, and some even develop a martyr mentality. (If I don’t do it, then the world will cease to spin because no one else will.)

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If this is you, I’m not laughing AT you, I’m laughing WITH you, because I’ve been there. Motherhood does it to us, as does being a good wife, having a job in or out of the home, volunteering at our church, and a dozen other things. But remember even Christ took a break when he needed one–

But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray. ~Luke 5:16

I want to challenge you to make GRACE a daily habit in your life. That could mean a bubble bath, a twenty minute walk alone, allowing the clothes to remain in the basket until tomorrow, or a dozen other things. What about it? Are you willing to make extending GRACE to yourself a daily habit? I’d love for you to comment with some SPECIFIC WAYS we can do this daily.




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8 thoughts on “Make GRACE a Habit

  1. Judy Smith

    We do need to take care of ourselves in order to be able to take care of others. I read the Bible every day, walk every day, take time, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot for my hobbies (quilting/sewing/knitting) and try to eat what’s right for me. At 76 I’m in quite good health; I thank God for that. His gift of grace allows me to gift grace to myself.

  2. Nancee Marchinowski

    I readily admit that I don’t take good care of myself. I forget to eat, spend an inordinate amount of time helping everyone else in the family, and generally don’t take the time to just “be.” My only relaxing time is reading, and even that can become a bit stressful at times. I chain read, and I’m a slow reader. Unlike many readers who can read, review and post a book review every day of the week, even with full plates of their own, I am unable to keep up that kind of pace. I don’t even try. Reading is my relaxation, and I can’t think of a better way to find that little bit of balance in my life.Reading takes me away to another place to give my body a rest.

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Hi Nancee. You’re not alone in struggling to find balance. I think many of us do, and I know I do. But it’s a goal and hopefully we get a little better each day. Hugs!

  3. Marilyn R

    Yes, we must take care of ourselves so we can be able to do for others without regretting it later. I enjoy my quiet time of a morning, walking (when the weather allows) and enjoy the sound of nature along with the beautiful sunrise. I also take time to just relax sitting and reflecting on the many blessings from God. Gifting grace to myself to be renewed in my spirit, strength and mind is necessary so I can serve God and others better and show God’s grace to them. God Bless. These weekley devotionals on grace are a blessing.

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      I think many of us have forgotten how to relax. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to do just one thing at a time. We take multi-tasking to a whole other level, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Thanks for the comment, Marilyn.

  4. Melissa Henderson

    One way that I take care of myself is by reading. I love to read and sitting at the dining room table, holding a book and immersing myself in a story is a wonderful way to relax. 🙂 Have a great weekend!