2015 Street Team

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I hope you’ve enjoyed our street team highlights this year. Today I want to introduce you to Gail H.


Gail H., 2015 Street Team member

1. What is one food item you cannot live without on Thanksgiving? I’m not a traditional Thanksgiving Gal. We are actually camping this week. I love most food and have even had Thanksgiving on another day. But I do love turkey.

2. What are the top 3 things you are thankful for? I’m thankful for my salvation, my family and after having had cancer, I’m thankful for each day the Lord allows me to wake up.
3. Do you prefer ham or turkey? Turkey!
4. Have you started Christmas shopping? I start shopping in January and when I see something on sale I think someone on my list would like I buy it. This year I’ve crocheted a few of my gifts and am working on some more.
Gail has been a wonderful addition to our team. In our last newsletter, we put out a call for folks interested in being on the team in 2016, and we received over 100 responses. You all are awesome! We’ll be choosing 12 street team members for 2016. Of course, anyone can support my writing journey by reading my books and leaving reviews! Thank you for all you do.

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13 thoughts on “2015 Street Team

  1. Nancee Marchinowski

    This is such a special street team member feature! It’s really nice getting to know you even better, Gail! Vannetta, thank you for featuring each of us throughout the past year. Your generosity knows no boundaries!

  2. Barbara Thompson

    Enjoyed being on the team with you, Gail. I’m so glad to find someone who prefers Turkey over ham besides me.

  3. C.J.

    Congrats, Gail….enjoy this special month, when we celebrate Christ’s birth! Whoever is the lucky recipient of your crocheted gifts, will treasure them, I am sure! Always wished I could crochet….but only know how to crochet a simple chain stitch!
    Sending Blessings to you from OREGON…in the BEAUTIFUL Pacific Northwest! CJ

  4. Melissa

    Just left a comment on Goodreads. I enjoyed learning about Gail H. I prefer turkey, too. haha! I hope to help out with the 2016 Street Team. 🙂