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I have two more street team members to introduce you to. I hope you’re enjoying getting to know the folks who help me to promote my books.

unnamedDonna M.

  1. Favorite fall activity?  Taking long drives and enjoying the beautiful fall colors.
  1. Are you spontaneous or do you prefer structure? Both! I need lots of structure in my life, but most of our vacation trips have been spontaneous… I’ll call home and ask my daughter if she can get us packed to leave the next morning for the beach or for a trip to the mountains. Of course, she always says YES!
  1. Would you rather live the life of a dog or the life of a cat? CAT. I love the idea of finding a sunbeam and taking a nap…
  1. Chocolate cake or strawberry pie? Hmm… can I have chocolate cake with strawberries on top?
  1.  What superpower would you like to have? Super-speed; I could get lots more done (and possibly get caught up).

glendaGlenda D.

  1. Favorite fall activity? Curled up reading a book and drinking hot chocolate. I also enjoy The Harvest Party my son’s class has.
  1. Are you spontaneous or do you prefer structure? Mostly structured because I have a son with autism. So structured works best for anyone that is involved with him.
  1. Would you rather live the life of a dog or the life of a cat?  I love cats so most likely a cat.
  1. Chocolate cake or strawberry pie? I would choose chocolate over anything.
  1.  What superpower would you like to have? A person that could accomplish getting everything done in a day. Then I could veg the rest of the week reading.

Isn’t that fun? Remember, we’ll be having a call for our 2016 Street Team going out in 4-6 weeks. So be sure you are signed up to receive this blog. Also Marilyn. V. was the winner of our no-sew Project Linus blanket. Marilyn, check your email and send us your mailing address. Thanks to everyone who entered!



ps – If you’re still doing our 2015 Fall Crafting challenge, our number for October was 9. 

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7 thoughts on “Oct Street Team

  1. Missy

    Nice to learn about both of you. I would have to agree with your choice of chocolate and the life of the cat!

    I am still doing the UFO challenge. My September UFO didn’t work out too well, but I ended up finishing my Project Linus mystery quilt top. I posted the picture to the Pinterest board. I am really enjoying my October project. Not sure if I will have it done by the end of the month, but I will have made good progress on it!