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Happy handicapped woman on a wheelchair over a green meadowAnna’s Healing is a story about a miracle. So I thought that today I would ask you, do you believe in miracles?

Some of us might have experienced miracles in our life. Some have prayed for miracles that never happened. And others aren’t sure about this whole idea of God reaching down and changing something important, just for us.

When I began writing Anna’s Healing (which is now available everywhere books are sold), I wanted to address this important topic. After all, we’re a highly advanced, technological society. But what about our faith? Do we still believe that God can heal? And if so, why are some people healed but other people aren’t? These are all tough questions. If you read Anna’s Healing, you’ll understand my beliefs on the topic, as a writer’s beliefs always come through.

But for today, I’m wondering about you.

Do you believe in miracles?


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10 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. Janet

    Oh I have absolutely seen miracles take place within my family. My brother had his first heart attack at 39 and had blood clots in his leg, abdomen, and lungs. Doctors had no idea he would survive but God had a plan. He survived. A few years later a catering van bringing food to an event he was to speak at crossed over the road into his lane and hit him head on. Again he almost died but God had a plan. He went on to have a few more minor heart attacks and has 5-6 stents in his heart. After the car accident he was in pain in his abdominal area a few years later and he was diagnosed with non-Hodgskin’s lymphoma. He is now more than 12 years cancer free but again God had a plan.Two years ago he had the wonderful experience of holding his first grandchild -a little boy that looked just like him when he was a baby. Last week he retired after 30 years of working with at risk youth. We are a Christian family and very much believe in the power of prayer and YES we absolutely believe in miracles. 🙂

  2. Marlene Worrall (@worrma)

    You have inspired me. My novel “Angel in Shining Armor” releases this month on Amazon. THE BOOK IS A MIRACLE. God began speaking the characters and idea into my mind & heart. Angel sighting and activity are in the book. Hubby died suddenly. I SAW A VISION OF HIM IN HEAVEN! There was a blinding light behind him, which seemed to shine through his face. His face was radiant and he looked much younger than his 57 years.His face shone with the joy of blissful happiness. Supernatural? Oh yeah.
    MarleneB Worrall.blogspot.ca
    http://www.MarleneWorrall.com (website soon up).

  3. grandma68

    I sure do believe in miracles, when I was 26 I had a rare cancer called ITP and I only had 900 clotting cells, you are supposed to have around 250,000- 450,000. I was slowly bleeding to death, but the doctor thought if they took out my spleen that might help, so they did and my platelets came back to normal. That night after my surgery something went really wrong and my blood pressure bottomed out and all I could hear was were losing her and I saw a bright light, and I didn’t see anyone but I could here him say fight Debbie fight. I knew then it was God telling me to fight for my life, and I did.That’s why I am here today to tell about it. Miracles do happen. I had an 18 month old daughter at the time and all I could think of was her growing up without her Mom.

  4. vannettachapman Post author

    Thanks so much for your comments. Not only are you encouraging me, but I do believe that your words will encourage many others who stop by this page. Blessings!