Brian’s Choice, a novella

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2014-06-04 14.18.22I’m so excited to announce the release of Brian’s Choice and introduce you to the community of Cody’s Creek, Oklahoma.

I travelled to the Amish community of Chouteau before I began writing this series. It’s located 40 minutes to the east of Tulsa, a straight shot down US-412. Chateau was originally named Cody’s Creek.

One thing that makes this community unique is the fact that the Amish use tractors. You can read about that in more details here. It comes down to the fact that the farmland has a lot of clay in it–so the Amish settlements there had to make the decision to use tractors or move. Some moved, and some stayed and forged a life out of the difficult farming conditions.

2014-06-04 13.37.15When I read about this, different articles stated that the tractors were only used in the fields–and I suppose at one time that was true. But now they’re used for practically any errand. You’ll see trucks like this one, with a pick-up bed behind it (for carrying groceries or passengers), and a canopy over it to protect the driver from the sun. We saw them everywhere! The traditional buggies are still used on Sundays and for funerals and weddings. And the Amish in Chouteau are still every bit as “Amish” as other communities–they wear the traditional dress, worship the same, have no electricity in their homes, 2014-06-04 14.20.59and dedicate their selves to living a Plain life.

Why tractors but not cars? One Amish person told me that you’re not going to drive a tractor into Tulsa. It will get you the three or four miles into town, to work or pick up supplies. Tractors are a compromise that allow these Amish families to earn a living off the land, but they are not ready to trade in their buggies for an automobile.

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I very much enjoyed writing this series, which focuses on #plainmiracles. We’ll be having give-aways on both my Facebook page, twitter and instagram, so please find us there. Brian’s Choice addresses the miracle of forgiveness-one that I think we have all experienced. I hope that the story blesses your heart.


ps – if you’re participating in our Crafting 2015 UFO challenge, the number for August is 2. Next week on this blog we’ll check in and see how everyone is doing and I’ll post my latest quilting attempt.


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16 thoughts on “Brian’s Choice, a novella

  1. Marsha Christenbury

    So awesome! Thank you for sharing so much about the Amish in your newsletter! So very interesting about the tractors. I look forward to this new series!!

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      I hope you are able to as well. We plan to be back in Shipshewana next spring. I’m already excited!

  2. Juanita Cook

    Congratulations On Brian’s Choice. It looks like it a really good book. And thanks for a chance to win this book.

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Notice the Amish folk in Oklahoma are a bit camera shy. It’s not like Shipshewana where it’s fairly easy to snap a picture (discreetly). But we loved our visit!