Quilts & Beatles

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I attended the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival a few weeks back. One of the very cool things I saw was a display of BEATLE quilts (yes, those Beatles). Each pane is inspired by a Beatle song.  For example, the first one is inspired by the song, Long and Winding Road. Isn’t that fun?

I hope that you are having a good summer and staying cool. I love quilting in the summer, because I can do it in the air conditioning. How do you stay cool in the summer? I’m sure our readers would love to hear some ideas.




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7 thoughts on “Quilts & Beatles

  1. Rosemary Foley

    this is awesome !!! what a terrific idea !!! I made a quilt out of my dad’s flannel shirts after he passed away, there was a story on most of the squares, one square had paint on it from helping my sister paint her house a few years prior !!! love the idea. then I took the shirt that we have a picture of him with, I cut the shirt up and glued it on a mat to put in the frame with that picture.. my mom and the girls got one.. thank you for a neat idea to try, if and when I get the time !! 🙂 blessings

  2. Juanita Cook

    Love the quilts shown above. I have never quilt, but have a daughter that makes quilts for all the new babies in our family and also for some of her friends. They have all turned out so beautiful.

  3. gee20dix

    I spend time staying cool by reading, reviewing and writing and enjoying my son. I also like making nice cool shaved ice and different flavors. Just not kid kind but sweet tea, wild cherry Pepsi, lemonade and coffee mocha, etc. for the adults.