Summer Street Team Members

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I’m excited to introduce to you two more of my Street Team members.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a street team is someone who supports an artist by reading and reviewing books, sharing bookmarks, and praying for an author. My street team is fabulous! If you’re interested in being a member, sign up for my newsletter in the box to the right. We’ll send out a call for new members in the fall.

Cheryl B.

Cheryl B.

Cheryl B.

  1. Hamburger or hotdog?  Definitely hamburger with lettuce and mayonnaise.
  2. Beach or theme park? Theme Park for me. I prefer the rides and shows.
  3. Favorite hobby? Reading. I am a book lover! I read hours a day. I have tried my hand at the occasional craft.
  4.  Someone you look up to, and why: My dad.  He is hard working. He has a strong Christian faith and there for you when you need it.

Emilie H.

  1. Hamburger or hotdog? I love a nice brown hotdog,unnamed-2Chicago style with tomatoes, a pickle, picalilli and mustard or a chili cheese dog.
  2. Beach or theme park? Theme parks are fun but there’s nothing like the beach on a hot day. Love sitting in the sand listening to the waves lull you off for a nap or a dip in the cool water.
  3. Favorite hobby? My favorite hobby is shopping with my friends but I love to read, too.
  4.  Someone you look up to, and why: Someone I look up to is my mom. She raised a houseful of children (7) helped with dozens of grandchildren and always had time for me. She gave me a love for reading that we still share. She is a giver, teacher and friend. Although, at 91 her mind isn’t always quite as sharp and her body is failing I owe her so much.

By the way, have you heard of the Amazon Prime Day happening on July 15th? You don’t have to be a PRIME member to find a good deal. I will have both Hidden and Protected on sale for $1.99 (ebook) for that 24 hour period. My sale price will be good on Amazon and B&N. I hope you’ll check them out!




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14 thoughts on “Summer Street Team Members

  1. Allyson

    Ohhhh oh ohhhhh I can’t wait for the call for Street Team Members!!
    Love all of your works of art!

  2. Shirley Chapel

    Hi Cheryl B and Emilie H. So very pleased to meet you both. I’m not a member of Vannetta’s street team but thought it would be fun to answer these questions .
    Martha Frost. Very good friend and wonderful Christian mentor to me.
    That was fun !

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Thanks everyone, for your interest. No worries! If you’re interested in being on the street team, we’ll let you know through the newsletter and through this blog … when it’s time. Blessings!

  3. vannettachapman Post author

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the blog. If you’re interested in being on my 2016 street team, just keep reading this blog (it’s best to be signed up in the space to the right), or sign up to receive my newsletter (also to the right). We’ll send out a call for new members, and then randomly choose a dozen or so for the new team. Thank you!