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mfbMurder Freshly Baked has released! It should be arriving at your local store soon, and it is available now through all on-line outlets as well. You can find all the purchase links here.

A few things I want to share with you about this book:

* I had a lot of fun researching PIE

* One of the subplots for this book is about cancer research and treatments

* You will also get to meet Mocha, a service dog who helps people with PTSD. This was truly amazing, and everything you read about Mocha is true. You can learn more about ICAN here.

* This entire series takes place at the Amish Artisan Village, a fictional location based on the Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana.

I hope you enjoy this story. I loved, loved, loved writing it. Now let’s give away a copy! Leave me a comment with your fav pet name, and you’ll be entered. Share this post on Facebook or twitter, leave me another comment and you’ll be entered twice.




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80 thoughts on “MFB and a Give-away

  1. C. J.

    My GRANDkids named their golden retrievers “Sugar Baby” and “Sugar Bear”. They were the sweetest dogs, and such a good companions, for the kids! Loved your book series…..

  2. Lynn Hughes

    I’m so excited that this book is now being realised. I would love to win it .. Keep up the wonderful talent the Lord blessed you with.
    My dad used to call me GunnisOn.

    1. Gingers219

      Well, it wasn’t really a pet, but we name our summer residents (steer). So far we’ve had Sir Loin, BOB (bunch of beef), Moos-a-lot, and this year it’s White Beard (he’s a black angus mix, with…you guessed it…a white chin)

  3. Missy

    Very excited to read the book! My favorite pet name is probably Callie. She is our calico cat and is extremely sweet!

  4. Judy B

    Max was the name for my Golden/Lab Retriever. He was the best dog ever. So Max, is my favorite pet name!

    I can’t wait to read, Murder Freshly Baked!

    Judy B

  5. Gerri Moore

    We acquired a stray calico cat and for want of a better name, I named her Kitty Cat. She responds to that name and she loves to follow my husband in the garden as he gathers vegetables.

  6. Melissa L.

    Wow I have had so many over the years. I guess my one that I loved was Nuisance. He was a gray tabby cat that I was given for my high school graduation. I chose him because he was laid back and sleeping in the cage. However, as soon as we pulled him out, he tried to go over my shoulder and jump to the parakeet cage behind me. LOL. I called him Nuisance because he refused to ride out of the mall in the box. He stayed on my shoulder and hid in my coat when he saw people. I cannot wait to read this next book!!

  7. tina

    my fav pet name was Daisy. I am looking forward to reading Murder Freshly Baked. I enjoy reading your books.

  8. Debora Wilder

    I would have to saw Winkie. He was my cat when I was growing up. He was black and white with really dark blue eyes. One eye was surrounded totally by black and the other one totally by white so he looked like he was always winking. He was a great chaperone when I was in high school. Whenever boys came to visit he would stay in the room with us. Usually he would lay on the sofa between us to make sure the boy kept his distance from me. There was one that he absolutely hated and he would stretch out between us with his head against me and his back legs against the boy. Most of the time he would lay the other way. There was one boy that he actually liked that he would lay on the floor and keep his eye on.

  9. Juanita Cook

    I had a precious little Yorkie named Heather. Such a sweet and lovable little fur baby girl, she died many years ago..

  10. Mary Herrnstein

    I have a kitty we call Furby…because he is so sweet, lovable and soft…when other cats come around…he becomes very protective of me…and sends them on there way…I call him Furbocious when he does this! he is one of the seven “kiddies” we’ve rescued…

  11. Joan

    Timmy a seeing eye dog that was to be trained, but he was too spoiled to qualify. He was the calmist dog ever.

  12. Melanie Backus

    Sugar was a precious dog I had all of my growing up years. I picked her out among many at a breeders home when I was in the second grade and she lived until I was a freshman in college. She brought me such joy!

  13. Linda D. McFarland

    That’s a hard one but I guess my favorite is my little white poodle named Missy Mistletoe! My husband named her since I picked her out before he got to meet her! She’s a mess! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. Lora

    my favorite dog was Judy Girl as a child, if I got lonely or scared she was there. I would love to win Murder Freshly Baked

  15. Judith A Fritz

    We have 2 toy poodles and one of them keeps my husband alive. She’d had no training at all to do such a thing. My husband stops breathing several times during the night and has woken up with “Lucy’s” nose up to his mouth and nose checking for his breathing. If she doesn’t hear his breath she will actually take her nose and bumps his nose and/or mouth until he wakes up. Dogs are so smart and protective – always learning something new and wanting to be comforted and loved unconditionally. So, a service dog takes care of and is protective of his master, cancer research is looking to find ways to protect/take care of people, and the Amish takes care and protects those in their community. They all become quite a close knit group. I’d love to win this books. Thanks for giving me the chance. Judy F

  16. Jan L

    Boo (short for Booboo, as in oops), a 3 pound lop rabbit. He was born in a city animal shelter which didn’t know his mother was expecting. His two siblings died at the shelter and his mother didn’t produce milk. I ended up raising him from a few hours old. We had a special connection for almost 14 years.

    Love your books and always look forward to the next one. Congratulations on the current release–can’t wait to read it!

  17. Patricia

    Congratulations, Vannetta! I’ve had so many dogs and cats, in childhood and as an adult, I could never pick just one but our beagle-mix, Buddy, is 16 and he has lived up to his name, never meeting anyone he didn’t like.

  18. Pam Kappel

    I had a Border Collie named Jack who I LOVED so much.I only had him 3 years but no matter how tall of a pin we made for him,he could find away to get out.I got him back because most of our neighbors knew he was mine.But 3 times I had to put an ad in the paper and one time he went over 10 miles away across 2 gravel roads and one major highway and we still got him back.The last time he ran off he never came back.I think I should have named him Houdini!

  19. Toni

    Tampa was our dogs name-named after the football team Tampa bay Buccaneers. Even though she was a big girl she loved when I dressed her in doggie clothes! I miss her dearly.

  20. Diana

    We had a Norwegian Elkhound / German shepherd cross named “BO.” We always thought he would have made a good service dog. Great dog.

  21. Laura Wiles

    We have had a lot of fun with our cats’ names: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. I’m surprised more books aren’t written about pie so authors can enjoy the research! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Karen S

    My fav pets name was Popeye. He was a Pekingese. I was just a little girl and he was very special to me.

  23. Sandra Nunez

    fred was our family dog growing up…he would climb through a broken window and sit on the roof of the porch everyday waiting for us kids to get home from school

  24. Merry

    Zipper was my favorite beagle growing up. Our family pets have been Buttons the cat and Skippy our guinea pig.

  25. j4hibdon

    My favorite pet was Honey Do my horse.. She was 3 born days after my 8th birthday, so my Daddy give her to me. I had her daughter and granddaughter, also.

    1. Carol Stringer

      My grandkids named their black and white cat, OREO. He is such a loving cat, even though he lost one hind foot in a beaver trap. The other grands name all of their new baby beef calves. If heifers, they have name like Lucy, Annie, etc. but the steers have funny names like Sir Loin, T-Bone, Mignon, because they will all be locker beef in a year or two!

  26. Christa Skelton

    My favorite pet was named Maddi. Then again that was my only pet, so she won by default. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Our winner is MARY HERRNSTEIN. Mary, I’ve sent you an email with instructions. Thanks for commenting everyone. I enjoyed reading about your pets.