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This week I wanted to share pictures with you from my UK trip. I went with my husband and a few friends here in our small town. I did research for future books, what I envision will be Christian mysteries (not necessarily Amish since I didn’t see any Amish in the UK). It was definitely a dream vacation for me, especially since I taught English for many years and there are a lot of famous writers from the U.K. I hope you enjoy the pictures. In the comments section, I’d love to hear what YOUR dream vacation would be.





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10 thoughts on “UK Trip

  1. Melissa

    I have to say that I have two dream trips. I want to see the northern lights sometime and I want to ride my bike in Ireland. Not sure that I can pick a favorite of those two. It looks like you had a great trip!

  2. Mary Huszar

    I love your Amish mysteries. Was hoping there was another one coming after “Material Witness”. Is there?

  3. Juanita Cook

    Beautiful photo’s of your trip. I would love to go to Ireland an d also to Alaska one day. Those are two of my dream vacations. Don’t think they will ever happen thought.

    1. Linda Johnston

      Alaska would be a great trip. My dream trip was China and I got to do that about 30 years ago, seeing Thailand, China, and Hong Kong. Then I also did a trip similar to your UK trip. Both were wonderful trips. Your books are great no matter where they are set.

  4. Janice Campbell

    So glad you enjoyed your trip over here Vannetta and no we don’t have any Amish here but some of us are committed Christians, my husband was ordained in the Church of England. It was a shame I never bumped into you it would have been lovely to meet you. x

  5. sheri lollar

    I’m in the UK now myself. Visiting our son and his family in Sheffield, England. Tomorrow off to Scotland for a week with the family. The following week off to Wales to visit more family and friends. We live the UK.

  6. Nancee Marchinowski

    Vannetta, your photos are beautiful! What a fabulous vacation for you and Bob. I’m happy for you that you were able to see some historic parts of the world. At this point in my life I’m still happy to tour the Michigan. There is so much to see and enjoy that I haven’t had the desire to leave for a foreign country… yet! Thanks for sharing one of your journeys through life!