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I wanted to introduce our April Street Team members to you. We have 19 members this year, and my plan is to highlight 2 each month. I hope you’re enjoying getting to know the people who help promote my books. If being on a street team is something you think you would enjoy, be sure and sign up for my newsletter in the top right box. We’ll send out a call for new members in November.




  1. Where were you born?  I was born in Gary, Indiana but my parents are from Puerto Rico. I still live in Indiana, near Shipshewana and MIddlebury.
  2. Mac or PC? Mac
  3. If you were to describe your personality in just a few words, what would they be?  Loyal, sincere, caring
  4. Where’s your favorite vacation spot? Puerto Rico.  For me, vacation is where I get away to spend time with family.  The fact that my daughter, grandson, and a lot of my family live there is a huge factor that drives me to go there as often as is possible. I also love the ocean, hills, mountains, rainforest, the sound of the ocean breeze in the leaves of the palm trees, the sound of the “coqui”, and I love the food.
  5. What’s your “go-to” staple in the kitchen? Sofrito.  It’s used for flavoring almost every puertorican dish.  It’s made with cilantro, garlic, onions, cubanelle peppers, aji dulce (look like habaneros except that they are sweet, not hot), and culantro ( kind of in the cilantro family but has a different taste and look).


Nancee is standing on my right!

Nancee is standing on my right!

  1. Where were you born?  The Great Lakes State of Michigan. I grew up in the small village of Lamont which is halfway between Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan.
  2. Mac or PC? PC
  3. If you were to describe your personality in just a few words, what would they be?  Old fashioned, compassionate, and I love my personal space. My favorite things to do other than spending time with my grandloves are reading, quilting and knitting.
  4. Where’s your favorite vacation spot? Michigan. With 4 out of the 5 Great Lakes surrounding us, there are endless places to visit, the sandy shores of Lake Michigan to the rocky coastline of Lake Superior. The state of Michigan has more lighthouses than the rest of the states combined, as well as one of the world’s longest suspension bridges spanning 5 miles from the lower to the upper peninsula, Michigan is the only state with two complete entities of land connected by The Mighty Mac, (Mackinac Bridge). Mackinac Island takes you back in time to another era, with no motorized vehicles allowed on the island. There’s nowhere I’d rather visit than my home state.
  5. What’s your “go-to” staple in the kitchen? Chocolate!

For my blog next week we’ll update our quilting/crafting UFO projects. The next week I’ll share photos from my UK trip, and the week after we’ll talk about PROTECTED, which releases on 5-14-15.




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8 thoughts on “April Street Team Members

  1. C.J.

    CONGRATS ladies….SO interesting to hear about other states/countries! Thanks ladies for sharing! Have friends in Michigan and also, Indiana, but have never been to either state!

  2. Juanita Cook

    Congratulation Ladies. Loved reading about each of you.I have never been to Puetro Rico or Michigan, both sound like very lovely places.

  3. Elaine Rieder

    Congratulations ladies. It is so nice being on Vannetta ‘s street team. It is so nice getting to know each of you a little better.

  4. Elizabeth Dent

    Congratulations ladies , enjoyed reading and learning more about members of our, Vannetta Chapman’s street team . I am proud to say I am a member of her team . Thanks ladies , great pictures .

  5. Shirley Chapel

    Nice to meet Dali and Nancee. Hope you have a fun month. God Bless you both.
    Looking forward to seeing Vannetta’s vacation pics and reading about the pre-release book Protected. I have it on hold at Amazon. If it’s half as good as Hidden I will love it.