Spring Gardening

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One thing I’ve learned from the Amish is that it’s perfectly ok to take the time to garden. I’m not that busy! Sometimes I feel too busy, but then when I take the time to go outside and putter around, my soul and my heart and my mind all feel better! It’s amazing what a few minutes in the garden can do. Below are a few pictures.


This is a trumpet vine. It provides good shade and the hummingbirds love it. Not really gardening, I know … but I wanted to share the blooms with you!


Impatiens that I kept in the “greenhouse” – converted dog shed – all winter. They’re happy to be out in the sun!

My tomato plant, and if you look very close, you'll see a green bean plant popping through the ground.

My tomato plant, and if you look very close, you’ll see a green bean plant popping through the ground.
















I’d love to know – are you gardening? Have you ever gardened? What was your favorite thing to grow?




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7 thoughts on “Spring Gardening

  1. Juanita Cook

    Yes we have a small garden every year, We plant tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, cucumbers and zucchini. This year we want to add some okra. We also have a nice flower garden. My favorite are my mini rose bushes.

  2. Patricia

    We have a small garden, with mostly tomatoes. Love those homegrown tomatoes! I have more plants (green) indoors than outside. I love looking at beautiful flower gardens, though.

  3. Rosemary Foley

    This post made me happy and made me realize that I can put a couple of tomatoes plants in the only area I have to plant…. since I bought my mom’s house, no room for a garden. And even green beans.. my dad taught me that if you didn’t have the room for green beans, use a cinder block, 3 seeds in each side and they will grow, he used to have to do it !! I did it before and I shall do it again.. I love garden tomatoes !!! thank you Vannetta, for “ planting “ the great idea !!!

     Rosemary

  4. Missy

    We have small garden each year. We mainly grow peppers, beets, tomatoes and eggplant. Of those, I think eggplant is my favorite to grow. There is nothing like eggplant parmesan from homegrown eggplant!

  5. Marsha Christenbury

    I don’t grow vegetables any longer. No room where I live now but oh do I love my flowers! It’s rained here so much this week, I’ve not been able to work in the yard. I went to a garden center today and picked up a new clematis vine and a ground cover. I hope the rain holds off tomorrow!

  6. vannettachapman Post author

    It’s good to know I have a lot of fellow gardeners out there. This week I’ve added radishes, and they popped up in just 4 days! WooHoo!