Elaine Rieder & a Give-away

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As some of you know, I have a Street Team. These folks help me promote my writing. They read my books, post reviews, share items on Facebook, and pass out bookmarks and postcards. They basically encourage and support me! This is my 3rd year having a street team, and I love it.

10580135_724252174322075_7173584914297367213_n-2This week I wanted to feature one of my members, Elaine Rieder. Elaine began on the street team in January. (Street team members serve for one year.) We sent Elaine a few questions, and here are her responses:

  1. What it is about reading that you love so much?  I love reading because it gives me the opportunity to use my imagination to the fullest. Every book is different and draws me into the lives of the people in the story.
  2. What is your favorite passage or scripture in the Bible? Right now, my favorite book in the Bible is Acts. I belong to a Bible Study group of ladies and I have been reading the Book of Acts.
  3. What is your best personal characteristic? I am a very good listener and am a loyal friend.
  4. julia, comprWhat is one thing that you constantly think about (other than material things)? My family is always on my mind. We have 3 adopted children, 4 grandchildren and we are expecting our first great grandbaby. Life is so exciting!
  5. If you could meet any character of one of V’s books, who would it be and why? I would love to meet Julia in A Wedding for Julia. I just finished that book and she seems like a lady who could be a very good friend and she has so many interesting stories to tell.

Since Elaine’s favorite book is A Wedding for Julia, we’re going to give away a copy of it this week. This is the 3rd book in my Pebble Creek series, but they work well as stand-alone stories. To be entered leave a comment below, and if you tweet or share on Facebook, leave a second comment.

If you’re interested in serving on the 2016 street team, make sure you’re signed up to receive my newsletter (sign up box is to the top and right of this article). We’ll send out a call for new street team members in December.




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52 thoughts on “Elaine Rieder & a Give-away

  1. Gloria Schilling

    Yes, books let your imagination come alive!! Since we live near an Amish community, some of these stories really come alive as I read of places I know about and I am right there in that spot as I read!!

  2. Judy Smith

    Like this member of your Street Team, Elaine, I really enjoy reading. Each book may take me to places I have never been or may take me back to places very familiar to me. Writers who make their characters come alive add so much to my pleasure. Please add my name to the drawing for A Wedding for Julia. Thanks!

  3. ajwbear

    I love to read, I loved it as a child and I still do, its a place where you can get away and be by yourself and pretend you are the characters in the book. Sometimes while reading I yell at a character or tell them to open their eyes so that they can see what is really happening. I love reading all Amish books, even with their problems, they still make me feel free to explore and learn new things.

  4. Judith A Fritz

    I so enjoy reading the Amish books. I’d love to win A Wedding For Julia. Thanks for this great give-away! Judy F

  5. Linda liebler

    Reading a book is like a vacation to new a new place. You meet new people ,visit different places and get lost in a new way of life. Your books fulfill all these things!

  6. Lori Daley

    I so enjoy a good book that takes me to a different time and place. I get so engulfed in the characters its sometimes disappointing to come back into reality. Thank you for the chance to win. God Bless!

  7. Elizabeth Dent

    Hey Elaine and Vannetta . Looking great . I do love all of Vannetta books . There is still a few I have not read . Glad to be on your team Vannetta . Thanks . I would love to win your book .

  8. Gail Hollingsworth

    It’s great to learn about fellow team members. My son is getting married in July so weddings are definitely on my mind. Have not read this book but would love to do so.

  9. Cindy

    Great interview and it’s fun meeting another team member. Love reading all Vannetta’s books. There is still a few I haven’t read and this is one of them. Would love to win this one. Thanks Vannetta for the chance.

    1. C. J. Stringer

      Love reading Amish Novels! I have the first two in the Pebble Creek series, but not the 3rd one! Would LOVE to win this book, or also AN AMISH CRADLE. Really enjoy the twists and turns in your books….they are hard to put down! I will share on Facebook!

  10. C.J. Stringer

    Love Amish Fiction….do not have AMISH CRADLE, or A WEDDING for JULIA…..Glad to hear it is Elaine’s favorite, as I have the 1st and 2nd book in that series, BUT not this 3rd one! Maybe I will be lucky & win! Thanks for the chance!

  11. Diane Behot

    I read Amish books all of the time. I find them to be easy to read, and most of the time I hate to see them end. VANETTA does a great job. Keep the new books coming.

  12. Sharma Darby

    I love to read your books Vanetta and sure hope to win this one so I can read it. Sharma Darby.

  13. Myrtle Thorn

    Already have a spot reserved. I would to be a member of your street team or for any one of your fellow authors

  14. Karen Smith

    books turn my boring life into enjoyable days and night, I couldn’t live if I wasn’t able to read. come sat the library right around the corner is going to celebrate being there for five years. I am so lucky having it so close .