Good Health Resolutions

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vc bike helmetResolutions that Affect Your Health

So we’ve been talking resolutions. January is a good time to do that, right? Last week we talked about budgets. If you missed the post, folks chimed in with some good ideas. You can read about them here.

But of course finances aren’t the only types of resolutions we make. How about health resolutions? I’m not talking about dieting–that seems to be an unpopular term right now. But what kind of healthy things can we resolve to do in 2015?

When I have visited the Amish in their homes, I do have the impression that they live healthier lives than I do. Maybe it’s because no television is on and the kids are playing outside. Maybe it’s because they pick vegetables out of their garden for dinner. Or maybe it’s just a general sense of well being. I’m not sure! But I do try to be a little healthier each year. For 2015 that includes:

  1. UNplug. Yup. Step away from the electronic devices. This is a hard one for me, but I’m trying. In fact, UNplug is my word of the year this year.
  2. Learn more about healthy eating. At this age of my life, I feel like I’ve heard it all, but the truth is that science and medicine are discovering new things about our body all the time. So my goal is to read at least 2 books on this topic this year. It’s amazing how many are at my library.
  3. Get out. Just step away from the computer and the housework. Get outside and enjoy the world that God made.
  4. Rest. I get so caught up in work and exercise and family and friends, that the last thing I usually do is rest. This year, I want to slow down a bit and savor the special moments.

That’s it. Those are my 4 health resolutions. What about you? Any thing you’d like to share?



p.s. – I hope you’re working on those UFO projects. Two weeks until we post how we’re doing and I draw a winner!

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6 thoughts on “Good Health Resolutions

  1. Melissa L.

    I think I need to unplug for awhile. I mainly check facebook to keep up with field trip information for my girls since we homeschool and our groups are on facebook to set many of these up. I think this year I plan to try to get outside more and enjoy the sun(when it decides to return). I need to relax, not stress and just enjoy.

  2. Fiona

    I do pretty much all the above. I limit myself to half an hour online a day, eat healthily, swim once a week and take the dog out every day. And unless I’m going out somewhere, my Saturday afternoons are sacred! I block off from lunchtime to about five for either reading, crafting or watching DVDs/iplayer. I do all the ‘work’ and rush around a lot on Sunday so my Saturday afternoon is non-negotiable. So important to remember to rest, and to take time to visit family too.

  3. Patricia T

    Thanks, Vannetta. I keep thinking back to when I grew up and life was “simpler”, much like the Amish. We ate more simply, spent more time outside and got plenty of exercise. I’m hoping to get back into walking, this year. I definitely felt better and it was nice to just be able to walk and think, away from all distractions.