Christmas Memories

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v&cIsn’t it funny that we spend so much time looking for the perfect gift and attempting to create the perfect meal? When I look back, my favorite Christmas memories do not center around a specific present or an outstanding dinner (though I love my mother’s cooking). I guess my favorite Christmas memories all involve the people in my life.

This picture is of my son and I, on our way home from Dallas one Christmas. Yeah, Texas weather was warm that year. Many of my memories focus around people–

  • the way my dad would laugh as he handed out presents,
  • going to my grandparents on Christmas eve,
  • my son as a toddler, playing with the BOX his present came in,
  • midnight Christmas eve services in my husband’s hometown.

My mind is filled with many such memories, and yes I realize that I’m lucky to have had such a blessed life. Of course there were not-so-happy Christmas days, but somehow those memories fade behind the better ones. Perhaps that’s one of the blessings of getting older!

So today I thought we’d all share one of our favorite Christmas memories. You never know when something you share might encourage another person who is having a difficult year. So how about it? Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?



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8 thoughts on “Christmas Memories

  1. melissa l

    Some of my favorite memories are of traveling to families homes. When it was just my immediate family only, there is mot so good memories but when we went to extended family, we had fun.

  2. Judy B

    One of my favorite memories is spending time with my church family. Worshipping together the newborn King! There is nothing more touching and loving than a candle light Christmas Eve service. One can find Peace in the midst of any storm!

    Judy B

  3. mychildrenwithpaws

    My favorite Christmas memory is of my mother (who died when I was 15) and her insistence that we put up the Christmas tree on December 19 every year. It didn’t matter what day of the week it was, just that it was the 19th of December. She would make a day of it decorating the tree and the house. On the other side of that she would take the tree and decorations down on January 3 every year. Fond memories.

  4. Shirley Chapel

    I have lots of lovely Christmas memories but I think I’d like to share one involving my dad.
    My parents both were involved with the Salvation Army through out their lives. I can remember one Christmas eve my dad was out volunteering for the Salvation army. The night was very cold and snowing. He just got home and was exhausted and looking forward to a warm evening at home with his family.
    He hadn’t been home for five minutes when the phone rang. It was a man who owned a grocery store in the local area. He had just one turkey left and he wanted to give it away to a needy family. In those days grocery stores sold fresh turkeys, not frozen like they are today. My dad called the Salvation army to get the name of a needy family and though tired he headed back out into the cold and snow, to get the turkey and deliver it to the needy family. I’m sure he made someone very happy to receive this unexpected gift on Christmas eve.
    Thought this was one of my better memories to share.

  5. Alisa King

    My favorite memory growing up was all of us going to my grandparents house where would travel to get there. When you got there the smells of baking and she made a homemade pound cake and fruit cake. Along with cookies and divinty. Being there with aunts, uncles and cousins. Going to a candlelight service at midnight.

  6. Patricia

    Our church play was always something to look forward to. After the play, Santa gave out presents (from drawing names, in Sunday school class) AND we got a little, brown paper bag (if you remember penny candy bags) of candy, like the hard rock kind, plus an orange.

  7. Juanita Cook

    My favor ire memories are going to Midnight mass and then going to my Mother home. All my brothers and sister came and s my children grew up and moved away they came for Christmas. It was so fun talking with everyone and catching up on what everyone was doing in there lives. Mom as passed on and I did the Christmas meals at my home until I moved away. I miss us all being together, but still have all the wonderful memories..

  8. smiles2561

    I used to love going from house to house as a child! We used to go to our 12 aunts and uncles houses plus some friends, and that was just my father’s side of the family, so needless to say, we were on the go for most of the day! We would get presents at every one! So we had a trunk full of goodies when we got home, lots of fruit cake, holidays hard candies, etc. It was the happiest time of my life though! Happiness and joy, even at mass at the Church! I unfortunately think that Christmas has become too commercialized, it should be more of family and love! Thank for the opportunity to win!