Christmas Gifts

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Is your tree up yet? Mine is NOT, but my sister is visiting this weekend, and I’m hoping she’ll help. Okay, I’m actually hoping she’ll put it up for me.

This week, I thought we’d talk about Christmas gifts — if you like Amish fiction, then you are probably trying to simplify your life in some way at least some of the time. So how can we simplify Christmas? What sort of gifts can we give that will let people know how much we care, but not break the bank?

I have a few suggestions, and then you can tell me your ideas

1. Crafts.101385429.jpg.rendition.largest-2 I know that many of us are not “crafty,” and even if we are most crafts require you to have started already. Plus they can be expensive. Here’s an idea from Better Homes and Garden. Pretty simple and I think kids and teens would love this – and you could decorate it for boys or girls. You could do the letter of their first name or their last name or their school mascot!

2. Food. One of my favorite “crafts” is cookies in a jar. Here’s an example from Nestle. You can vary this for the type of cookie you like. The idea is that all the dry ingredients go in the jar. And you can find canning jars at Wa32260lrglmart now, which is nice. What I like about this is you can make a bunch at once, and they come out to be fairly inexpensive. And you know young families today would like to cook homemade cookies, but they’re pulled in a thousand different directions. So save them some time – and make them cookies in a jar.

3. Letters. Have you thought about writing letters to your loved ones? Tell them what you love and admire about them. Tell them what you thought the first time you saw them. Tell them a favorite memory. Letters are so precious, especially in our day and age when most people send emails or texts.

4. Heirloom. Do you have something special that you’ve always wanted a son or daughter to have? Wrap it up and put a note with it telling them why it’s special. My mother gave my niece some items from my dad’s time in the military. My niece treasures those and made a special “grandpa” corner in her house!

So what are some ideas that you have? What simple, inexpensive gifts have you given that people enjoyed? I would love to hear ideas from you.




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12 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts

  1. Judy B

    A few years ago when money was tight I baked my Christmas gifts in the form of cookies, fudge, and other goodies. I couldn’t believe what a big hit it was with our adult children. This year we are only buying for the grandchildren. They are receiving gift cards to buy what they really want.

    I think the gift of yourself works well too. Offer your services to someone, such as cleaning house for them, buying their groceries, giving them a lift to a doctor’s appointment, carrying in some frozen meals for them to use throughout a week or several days. The possibilities are endless.

    Judy B

  2. Melissa L.

    Great idea for gifts. I had planned to sew some gifts this year but with moving it didn’t happen. I was going to make mug quilts for those I know that drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate. I also like the idea of giving of yourself as Judy said.

  3. Patricia

    My husband makes butterscotch pies, something a neighbor loves (and looks forward to). He makes fudge, to be shared, too.
    Cookies are easy to make, especially if you have a helper (like a grandchild). Then, they can be given as gifts.
    Something someone makes is a gift from the heart, always special. Of course, I won’t complain about a gift card I can buy books with, either. 🙂

  4. Teri

    funny thing! I have a friend visiting next weekend and none of my stuff is up yet and I am the type that no room goes undecorated. I sure hope they will not mind if it is not done by then.

    1. Shirley Chapel

      Hi Michelle. So nice to see you here. I had a cousin who used to put ingredients for soups in a jar complete with the preparation instructions and boy was it good. He had labels printed up for the jars with a picture of himself wearing a chef’s hat and white apron.

  5. Shirley Chapel

    I’m not too creative in the craft department. One year I made a very unusual latch hook rug for a cousin. She loved clowns . It was like 3 dimensional. For his hair I used longer yarn and then used a wire pet grooming brush to comb out the yarn to make it look like hair. I made a nose from smaller yarn and like a ball and fastened it to the rug backing. It turned out quite nicely and went over very well with my cousin. She had it for years.
    Wasn’t expensive to make but was priceless to her. That’s a very good idea to make your gifts.

  6. Juanita Cook

    Three years ago, I made bread and sent some melt away candy and candy dish to everyone in the family and just sent a little money to the Great Grand Children. They loved the bread and candy. This year only sending to the great Grand Children. My family has grown to 38 people and very hard to buy for that many.

    Hope we ill be able to all get together this year for Christmas. That is what I most enjoy doing.