A Plain & Simple Thanksgiving

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DSCN4918It’s amazing to me how popular Amish books are. I’m often asked “why” and the best answer I have is that many of us are a bit overwhelmed. We like the simplicity of the Amish life–the lack of traffic jams, ringing phones, blaring televisions, and mega-shopping. We like the idea that life can/could be simpler.

So what about Thanksgiving? Do the Amish celebrate it? YES, they do. Is there celebration different than ours? Probably. Here are a few differences. Remember, my observations are from visiting with Amish in Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Oklahoma. You may have experienced something different.

  1. The Amish do join with other family members to celebrate Thanksgiving.
  2. They don’t travel far though–only family members who live nearby get together. In general, Amish don’t “go home” for the holidays . . . but of course they do stay in touch via letters, etc.
  3. They don’t purchase a lot of pre-cooked items.
  4. They usually have a devotional time on the morning of Thanksgiving.
  5. Everyone contributes to the meal–one person doesn’t try to do it all.
  6. Afterwards, they play games or visit (remember–there are no televisions in the home).
  7. There are lots of folks helping with the clean-up after the meal.

Kind of simple. Right? Yeah, I like that too. I hope that this holiday season, you are able to find the plain and simple joys that come from your family, friends and faith.



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10 thoughts on “A Plain & Simple Thanksgiving

  1. Melissa L.

    I love the simplicity of the holidays that we have experienced since we do not live near family right now. It is usually just the 4 of us and it is fun to sit and eat and talk and enjoy. We spent it with friends last year and had a great time. The simple has become very important to me. No more rushing and stressing about getting things done or getting somewhere on time.

  2. Juanita Cook

    I love the idea of a Simple Thanksgiving. We will be spending it with our daughter and her family this year. We will all bring something and all help out with cleaning up after the meal is over. You and your family have a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. Judy B

    I love the smell of turkey cooking in the oven, so every year I make one with all the trimmings for hubby and me. This year I invited my sister and her gentleman friend to join us. She said, yes! I am so excited. It has been a long time since we have had any family here for Thanksgiving. I love to cook and I am looking forward to having a good time. I really envy how Amish value their family and friends. If only my family would be willing to do so. A shout out to my sister, thanks sis for making this Thanksgiving a special one for me!

    Judy B

  4. Debra Bearden

    I love the simple life the Amish live. I love to read Amish books. I enjoyed your blog Vannetta. Blessings to you and your family.

  5. smiles2561

    I love the plain and simple Thanksgiving.we cook at home, mostly from scratch but we all live together so I do most of the cooking, we do however all serve the meal, pray and then clear the table and clean up together. It is always more of a bonding time like that, I guess you could say! We sit together afterward on the back porch and talk and reflect on things we are thankful for! I love Amish books, they make my spirit lighter and make me feel better too! I relate to them so much and I love their faith and loyalty! Thank you Vannetta, for your wonderful books! God Bless You and Your Family! Have a wonderful, blessed day!

  6. Kathy

    I am the same way. What you have said is the way I am. I like my life the way it is “Plain and Simple.” Thanks for sharing. And a Blessed Thanksgiving To You And Your family.

  7. Shirley Chapel

    For Thanksgiving my daughter will be fixing turkey and mashed potatoes and a pumpkin pie. I will be doing a pecan pie and crock pot dressing , zucchini bread and green bean casserole. Keeping it simple this year.
    The reason I got started reading Amish stories is because for years I have been intrigued by them and their simple way of life. I’ve always been curious about the Amish and their lifestyle. I’ve always had lots of questions and Amish books have helped me to understand the Amish a lot better.
    I hope that everyone on this blog site will have a wonderful Thanksgiving no matter who they celebrate with.
    God Bless

  8. Jo-Ann Barton

    I love the simple more relaxed life as the Amish with family,as love having family around.We will go to our daughters next door I will bring something & help with the clean up.You & your family have a Blessed Thanksgiving.