October Hobbies

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It seems that my hobbies change in October. As the evenings grow colder, I want to work on quilting or crocheting–anything that puts a warm blanket in my lap!

As some of you know, I’m a NEW quilter. So I’m not very skilled yet, and that’s okay. I realize it’s a learning process, and I’m very much enjoying it. The above blanket is something I put together for Project Linus. I loved the Kitty fabric, and I wanted to try brightening it up with some rick-rack and a nice satin boarder. It’s not my finest work, but I think a child will enjoy it. And that’s sort of the Amish way. Don’t you think? To make things which are a gift for others–not perfect gifts, but heartfelt gifts. It’s a simple way to say that we care.

Not everyone enjoys crafts. I understand that! October evenings are also a good time to curl up with a book or watch an old movie. Maybe put on that coat and go for a twilight walk.

How do you spend your October evenings?


ps – there’s still time to enter last week’s drawing. I’ll randomly pull a name next Wednesday and contact the winner. Then I’ll post it here on our next Saturday post. Details for the drawing are here.

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7 thoughts on “October Hobbies

  1. Shirley Chapel

    This fall I’ve been taking a Bible study so in my evenings I’ve been studying a section each evening. After that I usually read until I get sleepy.
    I usually start my Christmas cards in October so sometimes I will do a few of those in an evening.

  2. Judy B

    When it comes to cool/cold October nights I love to curl up with a quilt wrapped tightly around me and read, read, read! Now that Hallmark is having Christmas movies on T.V. I will also be watching those. I don’t care if most of them will be reruns I will watch them anyway. We got down to a chilly 31° last night and we fall back an hour in time as of 2 a.m. tomorrow morning; evenings will be darker earlier and that means more reading and more movie watching!

    Judy B

    P.S. Your book “Hidden” blew me away and I loved it!

  3. Juanita Cook

    I read or get on the computer to catch up with all the postings. Will soon start getting Christmas cards done. Love reading your books.

  4. Melissa L.

    I love your quilt. Quilting is something I want to start once we get moved. I love to curl up with a good book in the cold evenings. I also will be watching Hallmark Christmas movies LOL.