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Fall in Amish CountryBlueGate, Shisphewana IN

I thought for the month of October we’d talk about FALL in Amish country. We don’t have a lot of fall in Texas. We have hot, hotter, less hot. That’s pretty much it. So when I’m able to visit Amish country, especially in the fall, it’s a real treat. 

I took this photo outside the Bluegate Restaurant in Shipshewana, IN. Have you been there? Though they still had bright flowers, you can see the trees are beginning to turn colors.

It does seem for the Amish that fall is a busy time (harvest and auctions and school), but it’s also a time when things begin to slow down. Once the crops are in, they set about preparing for winter. So what do you think? Where’s your favorite fall spot?




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8 thoughts on “Fall

  1. Melissa L.

    I live in NC now and Georgia before but I am originally from Ohio. I know that fall in Ohio was so pretty. I do miss all of the fall color at times. North Carolina has more fall foliage than we did in Georgia. I used to love going to the north Georgia mountains in the fall to see the fall colors when I lived there.

  2. Judy B

    Yes I have been to Shipshewana! My sister, cousin, and I had lunch at the Blue Gate on Tuesday of this week. Such a good time we had and oh the great food!

    My favorite fall spot is right here in Northeast Indiana. We enjoy driving the country roads and oohing at all the beauty God has created. I was driving country roads yesterday on my way home from a nearby town and enjoying the fall foliage!

    Judy B

  3. Juanita Cook

    I have only seen pictures of Shipshewana and around Berlin, Ohio and all there beautiful fall color changes. I would love to be able to visit both during the Fall season. I have seen the beautiful Fall colores in Missouri and so beautiful there.

  4. Shirley Chapel

    Hi Vannetta. I’ve not been to visit Shipshewana , but hope to go sometime soon. One of my favorite places to be in the fall season is right here at home. We own lake front property on the beautiful Lake Lorelie in Ohio. I have only to look out my window to see beautiful fall colors. There are bright reds and orange colors mixed with yellows and rust shades and the evergreens seem to bring out the colors all the more. On a day when the water is still we are twice blessed by the reflections of these fall colors on the water.
    Last year we went to Gatelinburg Tenn. in late October. We spent one day in Cades Cove and went through the National Park. Coming down from the mountains we came upon an observation point. The scenery was breath taking. Not to mention the riot of fall colors. Nestled far below, like a miniature village , stood Gatelinburg surrounded by the shades of fall. I was so busy snapping pictures.
    These two places are my favorite spots to be at this time of year.

  5. Alice Breeding in Georgetown TX

    …and then we got rain and thunder and lightning last night to remind us that the air is cooling and the grass will be brown soon. Don’t you love the seasons? I do!

  6. Alisa King

    I love fall my mother is from Meadville, Pa. So late Sept to 1st Oct I would take her home by driving, the fall leaves were so beautiful. That’s what enjoyed doing with my mom , she had alhzeimer. Going to fall fairs and visiting the amish. Her home place was right in middle where amish live so exciting to visit.