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Amish village collageAmish Village Mystery Series, VC Book Spotlight

I’m glad you’re enjoying the spotlights I’m doing this month on my various series. Some readers have joined me in the last year and they don’t know about the earlier series. If you’ve read them all, I appreciate your patience and I hope you’ll share this blog with friends.

Murder Simply Brewed was the first book in my Amish Village Mystery series and it released last spring. Book 2, Murder Tightly Knit is available for pre-order and will release in December. The final installment in this series, Murder Freshly Baked, will release next summer. All 3 books are set in Middlebury, Indiana.

So why AMISH and MURDER? First of all, these are cozy mysteries. Though a murder does take place, they are essentially stories about a small community and the way folks interact. There’s usually an amateur sleuth and a sidekick and together they get into trouble before they solve a mystery. Sound simple enough? They’re a lot of fun to write, but more importantly I think they’re a great way to highlight the fact that God works in our lives through all situations.

I actually started writing cozy Amish mysteries because Zondervan/Harper Collins called me and asked me to! Isn’t that fun? This series was picked up by Sam’s Club, so it was fun to see the book there.

What do you think? Have you tried a cozy mystery?




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12 thoughts on “VC Book Spotlight, Cozies

  1. Juanita Cook

    I am reading book two of your Shipshewana mystery books right now. I am really enjoying it and enjoyed the first book as well.

  2. Patricia

    Loved “Murder Simply Brewed” and looking forward to “Murder Tightly Knit” and “Murder Freshly Baked”. Seems all your series are in threes… 🙂
    We can count on your books not to be explicit…language, violence, sex, etc. I read to relax and be entertained. Cozy mysteries fit that need.
    You keep writing…we’ll keep reading! 🙂

  3. Deb Simmering

    Vannetta, I love your books, I am an avid reader of especially Amish fiction. You are such a gifted writer. Have a Blessed Day. Can’t wait for Murder Tightly Knit. I know it is going to be great.

  4. Melissa L.

    I love cozy mysteries. I also enjoyed the first book in this series. Amish, murder and intrigue are something I enjoy. Crazy I know.

  5. Judy B

    Murder Simply Brewed was so good! I’m looking forward to reading, Murder Tightly Knit! Love your books!

    Judy B

  6. Linda Knott

    I loved all your books so far and am anxiously awaiting Murder Tightly Knit. I think I’d have to say the Pebble Creek Series are my favorites, though.

  7. Shirley Chapel

    I love cozy mysteries. I don’t have one now but I will soon read Murder Simply Brewed. Looking forward to it. I have so much planned for Christmas reading that I may start that early and read the cozy mysteries after Christmas.

    1. Shirley Chapel

      I put on hold Murder Simply Brewed yesterday at the library and they called today and they have it for me. So I will get to read it before Christmas after all. Can’t wait to read it. Then I’ll be ready for Murder Tightly Knit when it becomes available.