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wisconsin farmSIMPLE Ways to Clean Your Place

Who likes housework? Raise your hand and keep it up until you finish reading this blog. Ha ha.

Well, I kind of do like housework. It makes me happy to do it, and I love when it’s done. The problem is that I’m kind of busy! Aren’t we all? So how do we simplify this time-consuming task that never ends?

  1. I like the one room a day strategy. This usually works for me. Now, it might take me 2 weeks to go through each room – because I count halls, etc. But it breaks it down to a manageable level, and at the end of two weeks my house is pretty clean! Also, it doesn’t take too much time each day.
  2. Another thing I’ve tried is doing one task each day – I’ll vacuum on Monday, dust on Tuesday, etc. This works too.
  3. Sometimes I will clean the entire house at once. Ack! I’m so tired when I do that. Usually it’s when we’re having someone over for dinner. The NICE thing is that after they leave, my house is really clean.
  4. Hire a maid. Well. I haven’t tried this one, and it’s not very “Amish” but a girl can dream!

One Amish proverb I read went like this

Keeping a neat house is like threading beads on a string with no knot on it.

What do you do to help with the housecleaning? Any special tips? Share them with us in the COMMENT section.



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21 thoughts on “SIMPLE Cleaning

  1. Alisa King

    I clean my kitchen everyday. I vacum and steam floors once a week. Bathrooms on Fridays. Wash Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

  2. Doris Rice

    I love a clean house but hate to clean. I’m always too busy making quilts and quilting! I’ve tried all kinds of routines and methods and then one I like best is hiring a maid but then again I’m too frugal and don’t do it very often. However, the most frequent method is cleaning the entire house in one day. Sadly those days aren’t very close together!

  3. Linda McFarland

    I like doing a room a day or have a day designated for each task. Sometimes I just tackle one large project before going to the next project. I have outside yard work I enjoy more than cleaning house…I love to mow! I am a little behind as some of my Spring projects didn’t get done but one thing I know for sure, if the good Lord is willing, it will be there tomorrow…at least I have job security! Linda

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      I like working outside too, Linda. It just feels good to be out there – maybe because of all the years I was in a classroom looking out the window, WISHING I could be outside. Just like the kids. lol

  4. Judy B

    I do one task every day until it is finished. I try to leave one day each week where I do absolutely nothing. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t like to clean the house all in one day. I’m too old for THAT nonsense!! LOL!

    Judy B

  5. Shirley Chapel

    Housekeeping is something that always looms before me and I dred it. Once I tackle it it’s not so bad. When I’m done I think I should do this more often.
    What I do that helps is to make lists of what needs done that day. It works for me.

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      You know, Shirley. You reminded me of something important. The sooner begun, the sooner done! 🙂

  6. Melissa L.

    I like all the methods you and the others use. I have tried everyone and done everyone except for hiring a maid. (I would have to clean my house before the maid came to clean LOL). We homeschool our girls so my house is never clean with them at home 24/7 and us learning all day every day. I figure when our learning is done many years from now, then my house may be clean. (Or not but one can dream…). My girls and husband are my main focus right now. So excuse our clutter and our mess, we are raising a family here! Everyone have a Blessed Day!!

    1. Shirley Chapel

      I know what you mean Melissa L by having to clean your house to have it ready for the maid to come. Same here.
      With you home schooling your children that keeps you from doing a lot of house work 24/7.
      Since my husband retired I can relate to that entirely. As long as we are comfortable and happy than its good for us also.

    2. vannettachapman Post author

      There’s a sweet poem my granny gave me when my son was born. “Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow, for babies grow up we’ve learned to our sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs. Dust go to sleep. I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep!”

  7. Patricia

    My first thought, when I saw CLEANING in the title, was ugh! 🙂 I LOVE the proverb, though…
    Thanks for the advice, Vannetta.

  8. Melanie Backus

    I am not the best at cleaning and I sure don’t get it all done at the same time but I do find something that brings me pleasure in my home…..I always keep my dining table and my kitchen table prepared with centerpiece, place settings and cloth napkins. It always makes me feel good when I look at these tables.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com