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Amish home, Middlebury, IN

Amish home, Middlebury, IN

SIMPLE Ways to Eat Fresh

Last week we discussed ways to be healthy by getting up and moving around. Have you ever noticed that Amish families are outside a lot more? 🙂 We can also learn simpler ways of eating fresh from studying what the Amish do.

  • BUY less pre-packaged food. For instance, if you have the choice between apple sauce or apples, go with apples. The closer to the natural source you can go, the better.
  • VISIT your local farmers’ market. Almost every town has a place where local farmers sell their veggies. We have a small corner shop that carries fresh produce. Also on Saturday mornings, you can go down to the courthouse square and there will be several folks with tables set up.
  • COOK simpler meals. Sometimes when I think of cooking, I get tired and want to go to Sonic. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional burger, but I can also simplify what I’m cooking. Fresh sandwiches and a salad are wonderful this time of year. I also love to eat breakfast for dinner. It’s full of protein and easy to cook–especially when I add a side of mixed fruit.
  • EAT OUT less. I do love eating out. It’s such a treat. But I almost never order healthy when I eat out. I don’t know why! I intend to, and then something catches my eye which is deep fried. Maybe it’s because I live in the south. The less that I eat out, the healthier my meal choices are.

These are pretty simple ideas, but I think we can all benefit from them. What do you do to make good eating choices?



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11 thoughts on “SIMPLE Eating

  1. Melissa L.

    I have tried to make more of an effort to eat fresher foods. Or to make more foods from scratch. When I eat out which is rare these days, I do tend to cheat some because I see it as a treat. I know wrong way to look at it LOL. Oh and My eyes are barely open at 6:30am so I am not even thinking of walking but it is a good idea. One I will need to think about a while longer HaHa.

  2. Alice Breeding in Georgetown TX

    It’s always good to see that someone else is trying to do the right thing by eating healthier, fresher foods. It is more work but usually more satisfying. I do get on a Blue Bell kick now and then…and afterwards I have to start over!!

  3. Judy B

    It is hard to make good choices when cooking for my hubby. He is a meat and potato man all the way. When eating out, I do select chicken or a lean steak with veggies. I stay away from breads. I would love to fix some breakfast for dinner but I can’t convince my hubby that it is o.k. to eat breakfast at dinner time! What’s a wife to do?! LOL!

    1. Melissa L.

      My husband is a big meat and potato man. He grew up on a cattle ranch in Texas. It has been hard changing his eating habits some. I finally convinced him breakfast for dinner was ok when I added bacon or sausage to the menu LOL!

  4. Juanita Cook

    I try to eat healthier most of the time. Love having fresh veggies and fruit. But I fail sometimes and eat things that are not so healthy.

  5. Linda McFarland

    I’ve been diligent about portion control and using a smaller plate. Also, eating more fruits & fresh veggies! I know what you mean about cooking…sometimes it’s a chore for me to figure out even what to fix! Blessings, Linda

  6. Donita Corman

    Good fresh foods are hard to find in this area. A lot of farmers markets ship it in anymore these days. This summer though has produced a good tomato crop and green beans. I’ve been blessed to be a recipient of these yummy things.

    1. Shirley Chapel

      These healthy eating suggestions are great. I’m not the best when it comes to health eating. I like to eat out on Sundays after church. I’m not much of a fried food fan but I do love my hamburgers and especially hot French fries. Wrong for me I know !
      I do have another suggestion . I use smaller plates. That way we have smaller portions. We get a taste of what we like but less of it.
      Another bad habit both my husband and I have is desserts. Pies, ice cream ant etc. I love your eating healthy suggestions and will try to be more careful.
      Thanks and God Bless you

  7. vannettachapman Post author

    It sounds like we’re all trying, and I think that’s an important component of this. We might not make the best decisions every day … but the next day we try again! 🙂