Summer Photos

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Photo #1, Summer Fun

I thought for the month of July we would have some fun with photos. I’ll post a photo, and you all give me a caption. Then we’ll pick one of your captions as the winner, and you can receive a book of your choice. Easy, right? I’ll also post the winner to Facebook and Pinterest.

So here we go. This first photo was taken by Don Burke. He did have permission from the Amish to take it, so no worries there. You can see more of Don’s photos here.


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33 thoughts on “Summer Photos

  1. Don Burke

    Thanks Vannetta for highlighting one of my pictures this morning. It is an honor.

    If it is okay, I’d like to take a moment to share the story behind the picture. It was a Friday morning in mid-April, and I was riding along the country roads in the Amish area of Jamesport with a fried who lives there (inn keeper / tour guide). As we near this schoolhouse we begin to hear singing, and as we get closer we see the children as you see them here — out on a beautiful spring day…, and singing in German. My friend tells me that Friday is German day (the language they use in the worship service).

    About a month later (after school is out) I’m back in Jamesport I discover that the teacher of this group (in her late teens) has discovered this picture on Facebook, and is tickled to be able to get a picture of her class.

  2. m

    I can just hear the photographer saying, ” Move in, closer…..closer…., I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out of this great shot. It may be the best school picture yet!”

    melback at cebridge dot net

  3. Loretta Shumpert

    All of Don Burkes photos are interesting and I appreciate that he shares with all of us. I have not visited in this area so it’s a chance for us all to see what it is like. Thank you Vannetta for all you do.