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Quilt made by a 90 year old woman

Quilt made by a 90 year old woman

Mid-week Inspiration, Quilt Tulsa and Quilting Fun

This Friday and Saturday I will be attending Quilt Tulsa. The show runs both days from 10-5. Over 2,000 folks attended last year. There will be a Quilter’s Basket Walk, boutique, small quilt auction, education booth, and over 60 vendors. What fun! I will be selling copies of my books as well as items I’ve picked up in various Amish communities.

VC at Ellis County quilt show

VC at Ellis County quilt show

Quilt shows certainly do inspire me. When I first started attending, I didn’t quilt at all. I didn’t know how and didn’t even own a sewing machine. I’ve been going to quilt shows for 2 years now, and I’m continually amazed at the artistry and skill that goes into quilting.

Now I do have a sewing machine (thank you, Walmart), and I’ve completed several quilts. They’re not perfect. In fact, they have a LOT of errors, but I learn something new with each quilt.

If you’re in the Tulsa area, or know someone who is, I would love to meet you! Whether you attend this quilt show or another one, I hope that you are able to see some of the beautiful quilting done by ladies all over our country. For me, it has been a real blessing.




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10 thoughts on “Quilt Shows

  1. Juanita Cook

    Oh how I wish I could attend one of these quilting show and would love to meet you. But we live in Nebraska and that is so far from the quilting show. Hoping to meet you one day though.

  2. Patricia

    I’m sure every experienced quilter looks at their first quilt and sees many flaws, but the quilt is still special. One day, you will be making a story quilt! 🙂

  3. Melissa L.

    I would love to attend a quilt show. These people put so much work and heart into their quilts.

  4. Judy B

    Your photos of the quilts posted here are beautiful! Wow Vannetta, what fun your are sure to have in Tulsa. I pray you will sell tons of books! Just think of all the new people you will get a chance to meet!

    Judy B

  5. Mallory Fry

    I wish I could go to the quilt show & meet you so badly, Vannetta, but Seattle is a far ways away from Tulsa. I hope that you have a wonderful time, as it sounds like a lot of fun! What Amish stuff will you be selling along with your books? God bless you, Vannetta!

  6. Debbie Rhoades

    I wish I could be there. Maybe next time! Do you come to Oklahoma often? Do you do any book signings there in Oklahoma City or Tulsa?

  7. angela mcminn

    What a beautiful craft to learn! I wish i knew where to begin. I can imagine its so rewarding.

  8. Patricia T

    Vannetta, you have certainly had a FUN week! I’ve been clicking the Facebook link, at the top of this site, and enjoying your posts. Have a great time at Quilt Tulsa!