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Midweek Inspiration & God’s Provision


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Texas is in a severe drought. It seems to me that it has lasted for years and years. When you’re enduing something, it often seems that it goes back as far as your memory does.

This map pretty much says it all. Many lakes are nearly dry, the rivers have stopped flowing and towns are scrambling for water. If you’d asked me a few weeks ago, I’d have told you we had less than 2 inches all year. Then in the last 4 days, the heavens opened – and 4-6 inches of rain fell on the Lone Star State. Showers of Blessings. Amen and amen.

The sound of rain is a beautiful thing indeed. The smell is something you suddenly remember, and the sight? Well, the sight is a beauty to behold.

One week’s rain isn’t going to end a 10 year drought. For example, Lake Medina received 3 inches, which RAISED the lake level to 3% full. We needs lots more rain. But these past few days remind all of us that God does provide. Maybe not when we think. Maybe not what we think. But he provides, and we are grateful.

How has God provided for you?



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6 thoughts on “God’s Provision

  1. Melissa L.

    God has blessed me in so many ways. He has always provided when my husband and I were not sure where money would come from to pay for something. He has always helped us provide a roof over our heads and food for our bodies. I thank Him every day for our wonderful Blessings!!

  2. Juanita Cook

    God has provided for me in many ways. We have a home and I had a job until I finally retired at age 70. My husband still has his job. We also have food to eat and enough money to pay our bills, We have also gotten some rain this year and it was wonderful. We also need more rain, but feeling very blessed with what we did get.

  3. Judy B

    God has always provided. I remember going through my divorce of 25 years. (This was 20 years ago.) My ex was telling people that there would be no way I would survive without his support. God and I proved him wrong. The money was always there to pay the bills, put food on the table, and go out to eat once in awhile! What a Mighty God We Serve!

    Judy B

  4. Judy Corbin

    Vannetta, God truly does provide. I know that this is not as much a need for me now, but what was said made me truly realize that God’s provision is around us all the time. As we all know the gas prices continue to rise, and go down, but then they go back up, and seem to never get down to a reasonable rate for us. I had just put gas in my car, and was making a comment about the price just keeps going up. My husband’s cousin was with me and she said, “But, we have gas in the car and there is still money in the bank.”
    You know, I had to stop and give thought to that and say, “Yes, and God is so good to me.”
    God does provide. We need to stop and Thank Him for the many provisions. We are a selfish people. We want, want and want some more.

  5. gkkel Geri Kelley

    Last week end we also received a lot of rain over 2 inches what a blessing. God has been with me and carried me through my illness and I am so thankful Praise the Lord 🙂