April Showers

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DSCN8239Texas Weather & April Showers

When I was growing up, I remember rain. Ha! But seriously, Texas is in desperate need of rain. One of the towns close to us (Mineral Wells) recently stated that they have enough water for 400 days. Other towns are in even worse conditions.



But I remember the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” In Texas, we’re praying that April showers bring much needed water to the parched earth, to the wildlife and wildflowers, and to the people.




I’m BELIEVING that will happen. While I wait for those showers of blessings, I thought I’d share a few wildflower pictures from last year to inspire your day. I hope that you enjoy them, and thank you for joining us in a prayer for rain.



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15 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. Judy B

    Beautiful flower photos! Thanks for sharing Vannetta.

    I will be in prayer that Texas receives the much needed rain they so desperately need.

    Judy B

  2. Juanita Cook

    The wildflower pictures are so pretty. Prayers that you get rain in Texas and that we also get some rain here in Nebraska as well. We are in need of it too.

  3. Ramona

    Lovely photographs! It looks like we have chances for rain, I will pray those in need of rain get some relief.

  4. Vickie

    Those are beautiful pics of the flowers! Maybe I can send some of the rain we have been getting here in Georgia!!

    Hope you will get some showers soon.

  5. Dora Wagner

    I pray the rain falls, as I know there are areas in desperate need. It is funny that your post would be about the April Showers poem, as I recited it this morning in Columbus, Ohio, when I discovered it was raining. (Sorry, I would send it there, if I had the power.) I hope the showers leave Ohio and make their way south to you in Texas.

  6. Linda Johnston

    Praying for rain for your area as well as the many other areas that need it badly this year. Your wildflower photos are beautiful.

  7. Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson

    I pray for the rain we need Vannetta. It’s rained a lot of times here but only short periods. GOD says HE will give us what we NEED. So, it will come in HIS time. I love it to rain at night. makes for good sleeping for me. Part of our problem now days is so much concrete. Too much run-off into the sewers. GOD bless you, Maxie

  8. Cori

    Gorgeous… and clearly not West Texas! On a recent drive to the Dallas area I was blessed with the sight of Texas bluebonnets, some red poppies and rolling hills of green. Just a delightful and welcome reminder that God’s hand is everywhere.

    True story. Near the end of “Murder, Simply Brewed” I was reading the heart-thumping scene involving Charlie to my husband and commented, “that love-seat? Gone. Never again would I sit on it or even look at it without shuddering. No snake cooties in my house. No way”. Amber? I “get” her 🙂

    1. Cori

      Sorry, finger error. Gods, not God’s. And a request. Can Reuben have a story? I think he deserves someone special of his own.