Uncle Joe

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An Amish Garden and Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe

I love dedicating books. For me it’s an important part of the writing process. When I began writing “When Healing Blooms,” a novella found in An Amish Garden, I knew right away who I wanted to dedicate the book to.

My husband’s Uncle Joe is a very special person. He’s been legally blind for several years now, but that hasn’t slowed him down one bit. He still keeps a garden every year (in fact it’s expanding). I don’t know how he does it. I have my vision and am very mobile – and still my garden struggles. Uncle Joe has lost his sight and uses a cane, but his garden flourishes!

Perhaps it’s wisdom. Or maybe he has more patience. It could be that Uncle Joe puts more time and care and thought into his garden than I do. There is no doubt that it brings him joy. And it was with that thought that I began to write my story about Emma and Mary Ann and Danny.

Uncle Joe’s Garden

Maybe you have someone in your family that you admire. Possibly they grow a garden, or quilt, or listen, or pray for others. I think it’s important to notice the people around us, and every now and then it doesn’t hurt to tell them how important they are.

I pray that Where Healing Blooms will remind you of that special person, of God’s care for you, and of the hope that arrives with every spring.






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