Butterflies and Gardens

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Gardens, Butterflies and Books

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As you know, An Amish Garden released earlier this week. It was so much fun to write this book with Beth WisemanKathleen Fuller, and Tricia Goyer! I do love gardening, although I’ll admit I’m not a pro. Most of the things I plant around my house, the deer eat. We’re learning though. Every year we come up with new ways to enjoy the deer and still have a garden.

I recently saw an article in Texas Parks & Wildlife about butterflies. Doesn’t every garden have butterflies? I like to cultivate plants that attract them, like Carolina Jasmine and daisy plants. I thought for our mid-week inspiration that I would share a few butterfly facts.

AnAmishGardenMonarchs have a wingspan of 3.5 inches

They weigh 0.5 grams (same as a paper clip)

An adult butterfly’s lifespan is 1-9 months.

Migrating monarchs can cover 25-30 miles a day.

Butterflies need milkweed in order to grow and develop

You can watch a pretty cool video about butterflies here. And if you need a good book to read – which includes gardens and probably a few butterflies – click here.





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7 thoughts on “Butterflies and Gardens

  1. Jean Junkin

    If you ever get a chance to go to Mackinac Island, they have a beautiful conservatory with hundreds and hundreds of live butterflies. We took our granddaughters there last summer, and while they looked at the butterflies, Howard and I sat on a love seat at the end of the building. A beautiful huge Monarch Butterfly landed on Howard’s hand and proceeded to stay there the whole time we were sitting there. There was very little movement from the 4 inch wing span, so I wondered if it was taking a nap. Finally as we were getting to leave, Howard gently put his hand down by some foilage next to where we were sitting. It went from the back of his hand, onto the leafy plant and then flew off. That was such a beautiful experience.

  2. Patricia T

    I love Monarch butterflies, look forward to them, each year. I did not know, though, about the milkweed. No yard/garden is complete without butterflies. Thanks, Vannetta!

  3. Nancee Marchinowski

    I love summer gardens, floral more than vegetable, but they certainly both have their advantages. What a coincidence that you wrote about butterflies today. My daughter took my little Olivia to the Fredrik Meijer Gardens butterfly exhibit. I would have gone, but a day off from babysitting is a day to catch up on review writing. Since I didn’t go you at least gave me a little reminder of what I missed! Looking forward to reading An Amish Garden!

  4. Judy B

    I love butterflies too! I also enjoyed watching my grandson from Stockholm this past summer running around trying to catch one bare handed at our Church’s picnic. When my grandson returned to Stockholm after visiting I found a neat butterfly catcher and mailed it to him. He has yet to catch one!!

    Thanks for your interesting facts about Monarchs!

    I am looking forward to reading, An Amish Garden.

    Judy B

  5. Juanita Cook

    Love Butterflies. have seen the Monarch’ in the Spring when they were migrating in Kansas. We try to plant flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds as well.

  6. Donita Corman

    To see a butterfly around here is a rare treat these days. Love how graceful they are.I’ve been trying to think of flowers I can put out on my shepherds hooks that the deer wouldn’t think was dessert for them?lol