Christmas Surprises

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Mid-week Inspiration, Christmas Surprises


Christmas is a fun time for surprises – folks coming to visit, a special gift under the tree, maybe an unexpected snow fall (okay – many of us had too much of that one this past week). Christmas surprises are some of my warmest memories.

Like the time my parents hid the “one important present” in the washing machine. Or when my son handed me a box full of “gifts” that he’d collected from his room. Or a Christmas Eve service that touched my heart and eased my soul.

Christmas can be a stressful time of year–financial burdens are more difficult to bear. Health problems can spoil a special day. If you are having an argument with a friend or family member, then Christmas seems to make that situation even more painful. I want to encourage you to look for Holy Surprises – special moments that God has placed in your life to heal your soul and draw you close to him. It might be as silly as a cat in a Christmas bag, but sometimes it’s the small things that lift our spirit.



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6 thoughts on “Christmas Surprises

  1. Judy B

    I love Christmas surprises! Sometimes it has been as simple as hearing a Christmas song at the right time. Silent Night is one that comes to mind. I was watching a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel the other night when Silent Night, in the middle of the movie, was being sung. I sat there with tears streaming down my cheeks. My hubby looked at me and I said, this song, at this time got to me. I use to try to hide my tears from my hubby but he understands me and I don’t need to do that any more.

    Thanks for your post Vannetta. Even through the midst of sorrow we still have Hope because the Christ Child was born!

    Judy B

  2. Melissa L.

    Christmas is not my favorite time of year. It usually meant stress and fighting at my house growing up. I am trying really hard to change with my children so any Christmas “surprise” is a welcome relief.

  3. Donita Corman

    I have learned to space myself at Christmas and if something doesn’t get done so be it.Our family has shrunk a lot in the last 5 years so this year Im only making two types of cookies. Cheating on one by using frozen peanut butter dough and adding a chocolate kiss to it. Their dough is so much better than mine and so much less time. One year my kids wanted a sports jersey as their big gift. I decided to fool them. I rolled each Jersey and stuffed it into the toe of their stocking.That was the utltimate surprise for them at Christmas.They still talk about it.Lol