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I have 8 Amish books out at this point – and 8 more contracted to release over the next 3 years. Two of those books are about Christmas – specifically how the Amish celebrate Christmas, and how they deal with the normal ups and downs of life during this holiday season.

You could say I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching and visiting with Amish folk. I’m hoping some of that good common sense rubs off on me. But just when I think I’m getting a good grasp of how to simplify my holiday season, I have a day that completely unravels. I start feeling anxious about the wrong things. I become overwhelmed.

Probably that happens to Amish women as well. Maybe not as often though. So I thought I’d take a moment today to remind myself (and maybe you) of some of the ways we can enjoy the season rather than endure the season. Of some ways to nurture a SIMPLE Christmas:

  • Focus on people, not things. If someone calls or comes to visit–put aside your deadlines or to-do lists and enjoy the person you’re with.
  • Stop looking for the “perfect” gift. Most of the time, there isn’t one. Instead, try to think of what would bring a smile to the face of the person you love.
  • Relax. It’s kind of hard to do sometimes. Often we have tight shoulders, aching heads, and an anxious spirit. Focus on relaxing and allowing the joy of Christ to fill your soul.
  • Ease up on the decorating. I love Christmas decorations. We put up our little 4 foot tree last night. But I did NOT try to put out all the decorations I have stored. It exhausted me to think about it. A small tree, garland on the mantle, and a wreath on the door are enough for this year.
  • Read the story of the Christ child. You can find it in all 4 of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John), as well as references in Isaiah. Take a few moments to settle down and let these words sink into your soul.

I love Christmas, and I hope — this year — to find ways to allow the peace of Christ rule in my heart and my home.



ps – I posted a new contest last week–Christmas Contest #4. You can enter here.

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17 thoughts on “Amish Christmas

  1. Rebecca Rankin

    I love your Amish books and your email as they are just what I want. A simple life and to put things in there places as it gets very hectic at the Christmas season. There is way too much emphasis on Christmas presents that you buy. I would rather have a card or a handmade gift any day if I was to receive a physical gift but mostly I want to see the person and enjoy the company.

  2. Judy B

    Looking forward to your contracted 8 books to be published over the next 3 years! Two are Christmas ones! WooHoo!

    Your post on making Christmas more enjoyable instead of just enduring it was spot on! I too didn’t put all our decorations out this year. Why do it when your heart just isn’t in it! The beautiful lights of the tree as it gets dark outside and the things I did put out works for us. After all, it isn’t about us is it? Too often WE stress ourselves out when WE should be focusing on the birth of the Christ Child. HE is the REASON for the SEASON after all!

    Judy B

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Thanks, Judy! Actually the new books aren’t Christmas, but 2 of the old ones are. 🙂
      I pray that you have a very special Christmas season.

  3. Melissa L.

    I like to simplify Christmas myself. I try not to stress too much. We don’t buy many gifts for our children. We have really tried for them to come to understand the real meaning of the season.

  4. Tammy layton

    Just the words I needed to hear today. God bless you for them and thank you for helping me to open my eyes for the real reason for the season

  5. Deb Simmering

    I love living the simple life. I put up a small 3 ft tree and underneath a small nativity scene,.. a wreath on my door and that is it. I can’t stand to be in a crowed store , so I find out what my grandsons need or might want and it is always something small and I go very early in the morning. They are very easy to please. They don’t care what they get as long as Grama is there Christmas morning to watch them open their gifts, and make them pancakes and hot chocolate.Love your books. God gave you a great gift of writing, keep up the good work. Have a Merry Christmas.and a Very Happy New Year..

  6. Linda Johnston

    Thank you. I needed that today. I did get out all the decorations because all the family will be here for the first time in years. Now all the empty boxes need to be stored, etc. My Mom always ingrained in me “the perfect gift”. And you are right – there is not one. I have long ago given up looking for it, but often felt that I should. Thanks for the reminders.

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Linda, I think looking for that “perfect gift” is a tendency we all have. We love the people in our family! But that’s too much stress on everyone. They will know we love them, regardless of what we give.

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