Christmas Drawing #4

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2013-10-19 17.26.02Our 4th Christmas Drawing

I hope you’re enjoying these Christmas drawings. I love, love, love reading your responses, and I am sure that you are bringing a bit of sunshine to others who visit this site.

And I pray you had a lovely thanksgiving. The next month is a special time, often filled with family, friends, and special moments together. I hope you’ve had a chance to pick up a copy of The Christmas Quilt, as it might give you some ideas of ways to simplify your holiday season.

Now let’s do another Christmas give-away! Today we’ll give away–

  1. A ruffle scarf I crocheted
  2. A quilted angel ornament
  3. BLING from me–letter opener, keychain with a flashlight, fridge magnet.
  4. Plus I’ll send a signed bookplate as well.

To enter, please leave a comment below telling me why you love December.  I know you have some wonderful reasons–even you snow-bound people. To earn an extra entry, post on facebook, tweet, email to someone or call someone! If you want to post on Facebook or tweet, you could put —

What does a ruffle scarf, a quilted angel, and bling have in common? Find out at @vannettachapman #amishromance

Post another comment letting me know you’ve posted, tweeted or shared and you’ll be entered TWICE! Blessings to each of you. May your December be all that you hope it will be.


PS – Our last two winners were Tina Rice and Jody Rigle. A big thanks to everyone for entering and sharing this contest.




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158 thoughts on “Christmas Drawing #4

  1. Jalynn Patterson

    I love December becomes of the promised hope it brings in the form of Christmas day, the birth of our Savior. I know that its not really his birthday but it does serve as a very good reminder of our promised hope and love from above.

  2. Alecia Ernst

    I love December because it brings families together and the hope of the following year will be better for everyone. Of course eating cookies is a good thing also!

  3. Diane Castiglione

    I love December with all the smells of baking and beautiful decorations but of all the joy of family and friends to celebrate the birth of Christ and the meaning of his birth. Also to see the eyes of little one as they are told of Christ’s birth and the message the angles told….

    I left a message on facebook and tweeted it…dian429cc

  4. Judy Gilstrap

    I love December because the Christmas lights go up everywhere and my family takes one night to go see all the homes decorated. Traditions that I hope they will always remember.

  5. Geri Kelley

    I love December because it means we are getting closer to the warmer part of the year…me and cold weather do not get along it makes my bones hurt it does seem to make people a bit more friendly and caring.

    Geri Kelley

  6. Jean Smith

    I love December because I love snow and I also love Christmas. It is always a happy season. It brings people closer together.

  7. debbie mosley

    i love the month of decenber is because that’s the month i got married in .on december 10 we will be married 31 years.

  8. Julie Haefner

    December means celebrating the birth of our savior and time for the famliy to get together.

    Will alsonshare on facebook and tell many friends!

  9. Debbie Connors

    I love December for the remembrance of Jesus who came to save us from a world full of sin.. It is also a time when families are reunited in a special way. And, a time for remembering past times with family members who have died.

  10. Wilani Wahl

    I love the whole month of December. Christmas is such an important holiday with the birth of our Savior that we celebrate it all month.

  11. Melissa L.

    I like December because of the electric in the air. Little kids faces during this time are so full of hope, love and joy. I think looking through a child’s eyes and like seeing the world in a whole new light again. I love being able to celebrate Jesus’s birth and all of the good that his birth brought to earth. It is a good time of reflection and finding forgiveness for all.

  12. Melissa L.

    Thank you for the chance to win. The scarf that you crocheted would be an excellent Christmas present for me HaHa! I shared on facebook!

  13. Judith A Fritz

    I love the cooler weather down here in the Rio Grande Valley – not 100s anymore!!! Also, it’s the month for the season of the birth of our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ who died for me that I may have life eternal. Judy F

  14. Shirley Blanchard

    I love December because we have cooler weather here in FL, i love Christmas, the lights the time with family, the giving of gifts i love to give, but most of all i love Jesus and celebrating his birth.
    Shirley B

  15. Cheryl Kauffman

    Besides what December means spiritually to me, I love wrapping up something, no matter how small it is, especially if it’s something I made and putting extra little touches on it, believing all the love in my heart for the recipient is conveyed in each touch.

  16. Debbie Price

    December is, for me, a time to remember all that I am grateful for that this past year has brought. A time to show all of those who are dear to me with a token of my love. I make most of the gifts I give and each is filled with my love for that person. I also love how the snow brings a quietness to everything. It is truly a magical time.

  17. Linda Johnston

    I love December because of the opportunities we have to tell others about Christ. There is no other time of the year when people are so open to the gospel. I love the music, the decorations, and the extra love people show for one another. I love the focus on family togetherness.

  18. Jackie McNutt

    I love Dec. because of the time spent with family for the holidays. The Christmas services at church. The music and lights. I emailed to a friend about this.

  19. Diana Montgomery

    I love December because it is a time when get together with family. Seems like all year around everyone is to busy. Look forward to holidays to just sit and chat get caught up on the year of activites. Plus it the reminder it is the Birth of Christ. What gift God gave to us was the greatest gift of all.

  20. Judy B

    I love December for a number of reasons. Usually it is when we get our first measurable snow, our downtown Christmas parade happens, our Windmill Museum is in full decoration and color, theater productions from our local high school is a wonderful thing to attend, our church is full of decorated trees and Christmas music flows, but most importantly we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He came to this Earth for US! Let us not forget that Jesus is truly the reason for this season!

    Judy B

  21. Susan Beaird

    December is cuddle month…snuggle by the fire, watching snow fall and bird hunting. My husband usually takes off the entire month of December to do what he enjoys the most hunting, hunting, hunting, and I enjoy being with him. Of course as Christmas emerges friends and family are the most important…and blessing God everyday for what he has given me.

  22. Kathy Milburn

    Why I love December is, its Jesus’ Birthday we celebrate. Family time for the holidays…Love decorating and seeing all the different lights how people decorate.
    Shared on facebook.

  23. Linda

    December brings many mixed blessings…. Not only am I thankful that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but my husband and I celebrate our anniversary. The Lord has faithfully walked with us through these 48 years. Now that our home is quieter these days with no little ones around, I find I am enjoying the quiet times with books that remind me that the Lord continues to be with each of us no matter what situation we find ourselves in. Thank you Vanetta for filling some of my days with encouragement I find in your books. I just finished your last book “The Christmas Quilt”… had a great theme to it. In the every day hustle and bustle of the holiday season…it’s good to stop and reflect on the true meaning of this season. “My hope is built on nothing less, than Jesus’ blood and righteousness”.

  24. Beverly Lytle

    I love the family activities surrounding Christmas that December brings. Baking cookies with my married daughters, driving through the snow in search of beautiful Christmas light displays, local Christmas plays and choirs, and family gatherings are just a few of the things that warm my heart.

  25. Loretta Shumpert

    One reason I love december is that the interminal summer is over. Lawn work is over for awhile. It is a time of rest. Of course, having grandchildren makes christmas magical. They are the best! The #1 reason is that we concentrate on the birth of Jesus Christ. It makes me sad that some concentrate on shopping and gifts but we each get to decide.

  26. Jan Hall

    In December we spend more time thinking about others than we do ourselves. I love baking gifts or making gifts. I like thinking of Jesus as a child. I love watching kids on Christmas morning. I love finding the perfect gift for someone. Something they can actually use. I love looking at Christmas lights. I love services as church on Christmas Eve. Cooler weather is nice for a change.

  27. Cheri Howard

    I love December for all the busyness of it! I have five, family members with birthdays – a nephew, daughter, grandson and husband, and sister-in-law. So we see each other every weekend for a party for someone. Also the first Saturday in December is “Cookie Making Day in which aunts, uncles, parents and children participate and look forward to. My husband makes a big pot of vegetable soup and that is the food for the day.

  28. Martha Franks

    I love color, lights and music. It is a joyful time, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior. It is the one time of year my whole family is together.

  29. pag36

    I love Dec for many reasons main one being our Saviors birth, God blessed me with my 3rd daughter on the 15th, Grand daughter on 14th and her dear Mom on 16th (dau in law) and 1st gr grand dau on 30th. My Dad was 22nd and FIL was 27th. Enjoy all the decorations people put on their homes and out in the yards.The fellowship at church and otherwise. Love your books and would love to win this. Merry Christmas from Patti.

  30. Cheryl Sleeth

    I love December, because its nearing the end of a year, that I can reflect back on, the highs and the lows, the good and the bad, and make wishes that the upcoming year, is even better! I love Christmas Day to watch the joy and awe of the grandbabies opening up Christmas Presents from their MawMaw and PawPaw, also watching everyone cramming up my tiny kitchen, filling up the plates of the food I prepared, with love, and enjoying the moment as everyone “fights” to get that last spoon full. Christmas is a special and wonderful time, but I also hope and Pray that everyone remembers that Jesus is the Reason, for the Season! May your Christmas be fulled with wonderment Vannetta, and your New Year be a special year to remember!

  31. susanmsj

    I love December because of several things. First, it is when we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Second, even though it is too commercial, I love the decorations and joyful feeling during the Christmas season. Third, I like December because the weather has finally cooled off.

  32. Tina N Buster Watson

    I love December because it is the month of my father’s birthday and he shares his birthday with one of his sisters and with two nieces on my mom’s side (cousins for me).

    Last but not least we celebrate the birth of our savior.

  33. Vicki Lynch

    I love December because it is the prettiest month of the year and also it’s the most special with having Christ birthday on the 25th I just love December

  34. Jean Junkin

    What a Blessed Thanksgiving we had. Family was at our house and hubby cooked the turkey and all the trimmings. Unfortunately, I am fighting vertigo from an ear and sinus infection. Lots of quality time to your your books. Laying down seems to stop the room spinning

  35. cynthia fernstaedt

    I love December for the brisk air, the season to gather with family and friends, the stillness it brings and the eager awaiting to celebrate the birth of Jesus
    tweeted @exceptionalmom8

  36. Lisa Myers

    I love December because it seems so much more peaceful. I also love the fact that I get to see some family members that I don’t get to see throughout the year. We go to my aunt’s house the first or second Sunday of December to make several batches of divinity, then we divide it all up between us. We make more candy here at home, usually peanut brittle, tiger butter & buckeyes. I send some of each to a friend in Wisconsin every Christmas.

  37. andrea brooks

    I love the month of December because you can prepare your hearts and home for the birth of our Savior!!! He is the true reason for the Season. Also it is more generous to give rather than receive…. gifts are fun to receive, but having Jesus Christ in your heart is the best gift anyone will ever have, as that is the BEST GIFT OF ALL!!!

  38. ajwbear

    I love December because it is my Birthday month, I was born on Dec. 9th 1951, my husband was born on Dec 1,1957, we are 6 years apart as you can see. It is also Christmas time and Chanukah time, most years. In New York it would be winter time, it is also winter time in Florida, but not usually as cold as it gets up north. For me, its the best time of the year, people are generally excited about the holidays. December is also the most expensive time of the year, what with birthdays and holidays, and it seems that more and more people spend their hard earned money in December. I would love to win contest #4 or any of your contests. I love all your books. Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. God Bless You!

  39. Bonnie

    I love December because it puts an added emphasis on the birth of Christ, & keeps the enormity of what He did for me – even more firmly planted in my mind. I also love the goodwill, joyfulness, & love for mankind, that is shown more at this time of the year – than any other. Oh, that it would be as strong EVERY day of the year!


  40. susanlulu2013

    I love December for many reasons: the end of a year of hard work and looking forward to a bright new year, celebrating our Savior’s birth, good food with family and friends, excited children, school break (I’m a teacher), wearing fun festive sweaters, decorations and lights, cold weather, and carols filling the air!

  41. Linda Zaragoza-Zrubek

    Ooh I have so many reasons I love December. Christmas being my first reason, the celebration of the birth of our Lord. Second, several special birthdays, my Mother’s, father’s, sister in law, brothers in law (2), son in law and my very own birthday! So much celebration!! After I got married my husband made sure that since my birthday was close to Christmas, that I had an actual birthday present, not a combined one. 🙂

  42. Josephine Bruzzese

    December is a bittersweet month for me. Our childhood memories of my father (esp) and the large family gatherings are wonderful. Also the beautiful creche he made which included a large village with real branches and dirt. The bittersweet is that 3 of my family died during Christmas week, including my dad, which served to make our family stronger. I was only 16 and I’m now 72. So the best part is that we all love Christmas and celebrate with family and friends,

  43. Evie Merrin

    I like December because it is the month that specifically celebrates Christ’s birth.. I love the snow, candy making, excitement of buying gifts and seeing the young children open them, and for family. This Christmas will be difficult because I lost Mom in April. But am looking forward to spending it with my son and family in Missouri.

  44. Kathy Burdette

    I love December for all that it means to us..Christ was born for each of us! It’s also a time for family! Whether family is blood kin or not! Merry Christma!

  45. Dali Castillo

    I love December because it’s the time where somehow, someway, everyone, whether they want to be or not, is reminded of Christ’s birth. Also, for Christmas break and having that time to spend with family. And….yes, for the snow, because it’s so pretty when it’s coming down, although driving in it…not so much. = )

  46. Lane Hill House

    I love December for the nip in the air, smiles on friends, the chiggers have gone underground, and seeing family! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House [I love your crocheted ruffled scarf!] lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  47. Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson

    I love December for two great reasons. We get to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. We get to get together with my large family and I do so love watching all of my bunch interacting. And watching all of my little great-grandchildren. I also get to celebrate the birthday of MY Christmas baby born on Christmas Day in 1958. Would love to win your gift package. Maxie

  48. Shelia Wade

    I love the month of December because we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is a time for our families to come and visit,. Watching our Grandaughter open her presents, she is 6 yrs old and she will be reading a scripture from the Bible before we eat, she did this on Thanksgiving, it was such a blessing to hear such a young child reading scriptures.

  49. Debbie Rhoades

    I love December. My husband’s birthday is on the 12th. I have wonderful memories of Chrstmases in my childhood and adulthood. I don’t think I ever had a bad December. I love remembering when my kids were little at Chrstmas. I love our tree trimming party. I love our Chrstmas tree and the decorations I have had most of their lives. It is my Savior’s birthday, and I love to show my love.

  50. Crystal Blackburn

    One the reason why I LOVE December is the following and it’s not just because of Christmas. 1. Mine and my late father in law’s birthday 2. my step daughters birthday 3. my mother in laws birthday and my nieces birthday… and on top of that IT IS CHRISTMAS!!!! So yeah I do LOVE December…

  51. Ann Shoffner

    To me December means the season of giving, a time for families to come together to celebrate Christmas and to remember what Christmas is REALLY all about. It’s not about Santa, reindeer, elves or even presents. The only gift at CHRISTmas time was the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Like the saying says…..Jesus is the reason for the season!

  52. Yvonne Butler

    I love December because it is the month we set aside to celebrate Our Lord and Savior’s birthday.Let us always remember that it is the it is “The reason for the season”

  53. Mallory Fry

    I love December because of all of the holiday spirit in the air – everyone is (mostly) happy & cheerful, and I love seeing my family again!

    I also Tweeted this too!

  54. Tammy Isley

    I love Christmas Decorations, lights and being with my family on Christmas. Hope everyone has a wonderful “December”..

  55. Donna Hammond

    I love December because here in Vermont we usually have snow and a “white Christmas”, people are more giving & happier, you can feel excitement in the air, and finally we celebrate the birth of a baby who was sent here to earth to be born on Christmas Day so he could die 33 1/2 years later to give each of us eternal life. Now that’s a reason to celebrate!!

  56. Janice

    I love December with families getting together and little ones so excited for the Impending arrival of Santa, and to read the story of Jesus’ birth to them on Christmas Eve.
    Sharing on Facebook

  57. Linda D. McFarland

    I love December because it reminds me to count my blessings, love extra on my family & praise God for sending His Son, Jesus, to save a lost & dying world. I love the activities at church and the opportunity to give to those less fortunate. Merry Christmas, Vannetta! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Linda

  58. Gerri Moore

    what I love, husband, children, grandchildren, mom, brother, and 1st God and His Son Jesus. The promise of salvation because of Jesus shedding His blood for the sins of all people. Christmas is a joyous time, even if we aren’t knowledgeable of the date of His birth. We can still celebrate His love for us.

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  60. Patricia Schmutz

    Hi Vannetta – I love December because, well my birthday is Friday (6th) and of course we celebrate the birth of our Savior ;). Also it’s a time when my oldest granddaughter is home who I miss so much through the year and so for a brief time my family is complete – It’s a month full of blessings 😉

  61. Cathy Cermele

    I love the month of December because we celebrate our Saviors birth. Our family also celebrate our mothers birthday(her 84th this year) and my nephews birthday. It’s such a joyful time as you hear people singing along with the carols being played in the stores as they go about their shopping! Of course the baking and cooking are awesome, too

  62. Susa

    December to me is nothing but love and peace. It’s not about gifts and gifting…this month belongs to the one and only. Remembering how he came into this world and what he gave for all of us. Any gifts given or received are typically homemade and given from the heart and not the wallet.

  63. alisa kibg

    What I like about christmas celebrating jesus putting out our manager and decorating the house and baking cookies

  64. Jean Junkin

    I love the time from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Especially when in early December when the stores have new merchandise out. I can’t do much store shopping, but I love to look at the on-line sales. December is also my favorite month because we get our first storm usually, and hubby and I can cuddle up and watch something good on tv.

  65. Bobbe Hadley

    I love December because it brings back so many memories as well as the feeling of being a child if only for a brief time. Sharing stories with my grandchildren of sharing the same stories with our own children so many years ago. The gift giving & receiving and sharing greetings brings a joyful feeling of what the next year will bring of faith & prayer for our family and others.

  66. JoAnn Sterner

    I love December, because this is the time of the year when all of my family get together and celebrate the birth of Christ and attend Christmas candle light services. Have our big meal together on Christmas day and open our gifts. May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  67. Katrina

    I love the cold temps, the smells, the live nativity in town, all the Christmas activities like church plays and caroling.

  68. Suzanne Funk

    I love December because it’s festive and more filled with the spirit of love and giving as we get ready to celebrate Christ’s birth. It’s also the winding down of a semester of school, and a two week break from teaching!

  69. Lisa Watson

    December, not particularly a fan because of the intense cold and now in Michigan (though yet we have no snow on the ground). However, my favorite part is gathering with family who I might only see once or twice a year.

  70. Rebecca Rankin

    I love December because it is Jesus’s birthday that we celebrate on December 25th. When we lived in Massachusetts, a friend used to bake a cake for dessert that said Happy Birthday Jesus. Fond memories. It also brings families together and friends. Much love to you and your family this Christmas time.

  71. Barbara Thompson

    Of course, I love December for the Christmas holidays: food, music, decorations, and Presents. I love the cooler weather ( I live in the south). Most of all, I concentrate more closely on Jesus birth and then I’m so very thankful that he died that I could be saved. If it wasn’t a birth, where would we be?

  72. Gerri Moore

    Your blog on relaxing and letting go and just not doing as much as last year or previous years, was just what I needed. I have felt so overwhelmed about putting up our tree and placing decorations on tree and any where else. I will take it one day at a time and enjoy what I love about the season. Thank you for sending just at the right time, but I believe that was God’s doing. Thank you.

  73. Dorothy Perry

    I love December – the birth of our Lord – He was born to die – He was wrapped in swaddling clothes ( swaddling clothes are their death clothes). What a Savior we have!! Also, December brings all the beautiful decorations and the wonderful smells that come from the kitchen. What a great month!!!

  74. Karen Smith

    I love Christmas because it is the day God was born an I can give small gifts to friends and kids that don’t get anything. I would love to win, it has been a long time that I have won anything. I know the things I do are small but I don’t have much money so I do what I am able, even if it is only send cards to others. Well hope I am lucky this time.
    karen at

  75. Pam Brown

    I love the excitement I see in my Grandchildren’s faces. My Granddaughter (who is 11) and I always make cobbler and we argue over which fruit to use and it is so much fun. I love the school programs and the cute and funny songs they sometimes sing. And of course, the Christmas church service which fills my spirit with the joy of the birth of our Savior. My hope is that everyone will feel his love wrap around them and the strength and joy he brings to ones soul. Merry Christmas one and all!

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  78. Connie R.

    I’m not a fan of snow, but I must say the first snows are a welcome change from all the browns of November. As long as everyone I love is safe and I personally don’t have to travel, snow is pretty. Thanks for the giveaway, V!

  79. Cheryl Kauffman

    I love the renewed sense of hope and anticipation in December. I love the reminder of God’s faithfulness in the birth if His son. I love seeing Jeremiah 29:11 come to pass even then further instilling the promise in me.

  80. Julie

    I love December for many reasons. One is snow! Second is the promise of a new year and that I have made it through another. After 7 open heart surgeries, losing my sweet baby girl, and a stroke all by the age of 30, starting a new year is hope that I will do better and be able to spend more time with my family and friends.

  81. Vera Godley

    What a lovely drawing and so special since it contains something you made yourself, Vannetta. But then I have found you to be special in your writing, special in your heart, special in your giving.

  82. Patricia Schmutz

    I think I did, but in case I didn’t I could use a little Christmas cheer. I love December as it’s my birth month, my sister’s birth month, a time for family to gather and enjoy, but most of all – we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. Merry Christmas friends.

    Patricia S.

  83. Kristi

    I love December because the Christmas lights come on and they are so pretty. My husband and I usually take one evening to drive around looking at the lights. The past couple of years we have taken our young niece with us. She is 4 1/2 this year and makes Christmas fun!

  84. Patricia T

    1. Christmas day, with family
    2. Christmas books (LOVED “The Christmas Quilt”)
    3. Christmas movies (like “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, Linus reminding us what Christmas is all about) – “And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not; for, behold, I bring you tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you: Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill towards men.” (Luke 2:8-13)

  85. ajwbear

    I love December because it is the month Christ was born and it is also my birthday month, as well as my husband’s birthday month. So we get to celebrate our birthdays a week apart and then 2 weeks later we celebrate Christ’s birth.

  86. Donita Corman

    I love December for the sights and smells and fellowship.Most of all because it calls attention to our Lord and Savior.

  87. Marilyn Horn

    I love December because of Christmas (Jesus’ birthday), the opportunity to see family, and the promise of a new year to come!

  88. Holly Struve

    I love December because all my chilren and their families come home to celebrate Jesus’ birth and I love surprising people with little one of the lucky ones to celebrate my birthday with Christ too!

  89. Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson

    I like December because it means family gatherings and celebrating our savior’s birth. And, Christmas day one of my daughter’s has a birthday to celebrate. Then it will be near time for a new year to arrive when we can each try to do better than the year before. Thanks ffor the give=away. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  90. Jean Junkin

    Our granddaughter, Jade, was born on Halloween. At our Lutheran Church, the minister asked Jades parents if they would be Mary and Joseph, and 6 week old baby Jade the Baby Jesus. Being part of that story was so moving because our first grandchild was the Baby Jesus. And, after the living story, Jade was baptized. So every time I think of December, I think of Jade being the Baby Jesus. She’s 12 years old now and a little sweetheart.

  91. Mardi Moye

    I love December because it is so much fun to watch my grandchildren get so excited to see all the Christmas stuff

  92. Cheryl Sleeth

    I love everything about December…its the birth month of my youngest son, the birth month of our Savior, its a time for family and friends to come together in joy and celebration, to me its always been about giving, and never receiving, and homemade is always best, I love watching the excitement in our grandbabies eyes, as they walk through the door, wondering what is under the tree for them, or the hustle who will find the Christmas Pickle first (something we just started 3 yrs ago, with our girls), its about watching everyone dig in to all the food, I prepared with love…I just love everything about December…and yes, I’m one of those who puts off shopping to last minute, because I like the hustle and bustle of it all!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
    Thank you for a wonderful give away…and I shared it on facebook! 🙂

  93. Helen Poe

    i love December because our thoughts turn to family and family values. Not forgetting our first family in celebrating the birth of Jesus.

  94. Nancy Grubbs

    My favorite is the look of wonderment on the children’s faces………… to think, once we had that contentment and amazement too.. Keep up the good work.