Christmas Drawing #2

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Our 2nd Christmas DrawingHH ChristmasAtPebbleCreek7.indd

Are you in a holiday mood yet?

The Christmas Quilt released the middle of October, and this last week, Christmas in Pebble Creek released. You can see why I’m in a holiday mood!

Christmas at Pebble Creek takes us back to the community of Amish folks you met in A Promise for Miriam, A Home for Lydia and A Wedding for Julia. The story revolves around one of your favorite characters, but she’s a little older now. That’s ALL I’m saying. I don’t want to give away all the details. This is a SHORT, FREE ebook. It’s meant to be read while you enjoy a cup of hot tea. And if you know someone who hasn’t tried my books yet, it’s a wonderful introduction to my writing.

You can download it from Amazon or CBD. It will appear on B&N soon. And if you don’t have an e-reader, you can read it on your computer or your phone. Instructions can be found on the right hand side of the Amazon page.

Now, to our Chrismtas Drawing #2. DSCN9131 Today we’ll give away–

  1. A small wall hanging I quilted
  2. An Amish Christmas quilt card
  3. BLING from me–letter opener, keychain with a flashlight, fridge magnet.
  4. Plus signed bookmarks! And I’ll send a signed bookplate as well.

To enter, please leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing to do on a fall day. 🙂 To earn an extra entry, post on facebook, tweet, email to someone or call someone! If you want to post on Facebook or tweet, you could put —

We’re talking about fall & winning Christmas stuff at Win a VC quilted wall hanging! @vannettachapman #amishromance

Post another comment letting me know you’ve done one of the above, and you’ll be entered TWICE! Blessings to each of you. May your fall days be filled with fun things and fabulous weather.





176 thoughts on “Christmas Drawing #2

  1. Judy B

    I love to go for a drive with my hubby. Taking in the beautiful fall colors that God painted for us to view is awesome; then home to some good hot Pappy’s Potato Soup!

    Judy B

  2. Barbara Machain

    Make a huge pile of leaves and watch my cockapoo puppy leap into them and play.Then just sense the stillness of the day and think about the trees and flowers going to sleep for the winter.

  3. Maureen Harrod

    My typical fall day is outside raking leave’s then going inside for a warm cup of Apple Cider

  4. Sim Mulford

    after raking leaves and picking up tons of pine cones, a perfect way to finish teh day is curling up with one of your books and read from cover to cover!

  5. Juanita Cook

    I enjoy going for a drive to see all the pretty trees & bushes changing colors and then coming home and reading a good book.

  6. susanlulu2013 (Susan Fletcher)

    LOVED, loved, loved A Promise for Miriam and A Home for Lydia!!! Hope to be able to get A Wedding for Julia soon, as I can only imagine how good it is!!! I don’t have a Kindle, but found out today how easy it is to get the Kindle for PC. Thanks! I will read Christmas at Pebble Creek today. The Christmas Quilt is also on my wishlist. Thanks for the wonderful books you write for others to enjoy! I love your books!!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to connect with you!

  7. Debbie Carney

    I love going for long walks in the cool crisp air, then having a nice hot cup of spiced tea.

  8. Rosemary Foley

    Fantastic prizes, thank you !!!!! I so love being outside on a fall day, crock pot full of soup cooking and playing with the little ones out in the leaves, teaching them to appreciate another of the Lord’s gifts to us !!!! Thanks again Vannetta !!!!

  9. Sandra Stover

    Right now I enjoy being outside and seeing the beautiful colors all around. It’s a special time of the year. The Lord paints an unbelievable picture.

  10. Rebecca Rankin

    I love the Fall with all the leaves changing colors, apples coming in season and all. The chilly days where a nice cup of hot tea and a good book make you feel better. You can kick back and relax for a while. I love to read.

    1. JoEllen McNeil

      A lazy fall day is good for making a pot of soup, homemade bread and some cookies hot out of the over. It also includes some cuddle time with the cats.

  11. donnactaylor

    A cup of coffee with Pumpkin Spice creamer and a good book are the perfect things for a fall morning. I love to read so its very relaxing to me. Thanks for chance to win!

  12. Andrea Hiltner

    On a fall day I love to get a 30 cup pot of hot cider brewing right away in the morning, that way my husband and grandfather (who lives with us) have something to warm them up after chores. I also love to bake, whether it be fresh bread, cinnamon rolls, cookies, or bars, with the chilly air, it makes the house smell amazing! If I find the time, I’ll grab a blanket, a hot cup of coffee and a good book, and head out onto my wonderful country front porch and read. Perfect fall day!

  13. Liz Gray

    I love to walk along my property and take pictures of the fall colors. So pretty here in Michigan 🙂

  14. Sparkle

    My favorite thing to do on a fall day is take a long walk in the woods and look at everything God blessed us with.

  15. pag36

    Love a good pot of veggie soup with cornbread on a day like you describe. Also enjoy walking along with my Pug nosing thro’ the leaves letting me know she too is happy to be out. Thank you for this chance to win. God bless

  16. Marilyn Vandivier

    In the fall I like to bake and read also like to catch up on sewing project that I started and did not finish.

  17. Linda Landreth

    My favorite thing to do on a fall day is to make a big pot of soup for supper (Split pea, vegetable or my grandma’s pastina soup).

  18. Lora Dietrich

    I love to take my 3 chi’s for a walk , we have a natural trade by the house. They love to chase the squirrels but they never catch them.

  19. Rebecca Rankin

    When I lived in Massachusetts, I always planted mums the Fall flowers in my flower beds. I enjoy the leaves on the trees changing colors. It is a beautiful time of year and it is like a picture that God painted. Now that I’m retired and live down South I really miss these simple things.

  20. Mallory Fry

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway Vannetta! ❤️ Fall is my favorite time of year – I love walking through the crisp fall leaves and looking at the pretty colors, and afterwards warming myself with a hot apple cider next to a wood burning fireplace.

    Hope I can win, and I also Tweeted for you!

  21. Jackie McNutt

    I love to have a outdoor gathering of friends & family by fire pit and drink hot cocoa with marshmallows and cookies or smores and just visit while the leaves fall and the geese on the lake honk or fly to the lagoon before winter settles in.. Just love to spend some of these last cool days outside

  22. Cathy Cermele

    Enjoy the cooler weather, see the leaves change and read while sitting outside listening to the birds!

  23. Andrea Woodard

    If I were in New York where there is a change of seasons, I would love to walk through the beautiful leaves that have fallen to the ground. But since I live in Florida and we really don’t have that many leaves to walk through, I like to sit on a comfy chair and read my Amish books and dream about the people in the books.

  24. Pat Hall

    I love to walk around our lake and snap pictures of all the colorful trees or take a drive down country roads and take pictures of old barns with the beautiful colorful trees surrounding them .

  25. Lois Peloquin

    Watching football with husband and family.lunch at the food stand or snacks at home. We all watch older and younger.

  26. mb55

    On a sunny, crisp fall day I love to take in the beauty around me. One of the places I do that is at our ranch. With a fire going in the fire pit and the sun reflecting on the oranges, yellows, and reds of the trees, I take it all in and give a prayer of thanks.

  27. Maxie Lloyd-Hamilton Anderson

    I just simply enjoy getting outdoors to shop, go to yard sales, visit neighbors in the yard, and just relax on my porch with a good book. It is so terribly hot in this part of Texas that I am indoors way too much. Just wish we could have more spring and fall weather. Neither ever lasts long here. I would love to win. Maxie

  28. Linda D. McFarland

    My favorite thing to do on a Fall day is curled up under a blanket with my toy poodle puppy beside me with a latte & a good book, preferably a Vannetta Chapman book ’cause they are the best. Would love to win something you quilted! Thanks for the opportunity…Linda

  29. LeAnn Mooneyham

    I have shared on facebook, twitter and pinned it to pinterest. I am making a doll quilt and crocheting some Christmas gifts. Also doing some woodworking projects.

  30. Loretta Shumpert

    Love driving down the roads where the leaves are turning/have already turned. Love drinking in the beauty.

  31. Jean Junkin

    My favorite time of Fall is walking through the woods in our remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan, listening the the leaves rustle in the breeze, and crunching beneath my feet. Enjoying God paint brush at its best.

  32. Kathy Rowe

    Read Christmas at Pebble Creek this morning. Good little story for sure. What I like to do on a Fall day is to sit outside on the back portch and just enjoy the colored leaves and to breathe in the crisp “Fall smell.” Maybe even smell someone’s fireplace smoke. A sure sign that the holidays won’t be long in arriving.

  33. Debbie Rhoades

    I love taking walks on a brisk autumn day, bringing my camera along to capture the beauty that God gives us.

  34. Jackie Tessnair

    I love to take a long ride in the mountains and look at the beautiful fall colors.I would love to win…love it all.

  35. Wesley

    In South Florida it is still very warm; high in the 90’s today. However, it is nice to go to local green markets which have just opened for the season. Lots of great local produce and baked goods.

  36. Connie Price

    I like to make a big pot of chili or some other soup and then watch an Ohio State football game!!!

  37. Gloria Schilling

    There’s always the ‘Fall Cleaning’ job, but, a really enjoyable thing to do in the Fall, is to just stand and admire the colors on the trees in the woods behind our house and the different colors on the weeds in the field, grateful to be able to enjoy the creation of our Lord.

  38. Lane Hill Housel

    Walk through the crunchy leaves!!
    Actually, today my husband and I drove through the Mark Twain National Forest almost to the Arkansas border seeing all the colors! Magnificent ~ look what the Lord has done!
    Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  39. Shelia Ann Wade

    If weather permitting I like to sit out on the deck wrapped in a blanket, reading one of your book with either drinking coffee, hot herbal tea, or hot cider with the cat in my lap.

  40. Lane Hill Housel

    tweeted ~ and shared on my Facebook news page ~ whoa! you won’t want to miss this one
    Christmas Drawing #2 | Vannetta Chapman
    Our 2nd Christmas Drawing Are you in a holiday mood yet? The Christmas Quilt released the middle of October, and this last week, Christmas in Pebble Creek released. You can see why I’m in a holiday mood! Christmas at Pebble Creek takes us back to the community

    Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  41. Barbara Thompson

    On a beautiful fall day, I love to sit on the porch and rock looking at the beautiful color of the leaves in the trees. Watching some leaves fall to the ground, hearing children play, and Mom is working in her flower beds. If it’s chilly, I’ll grab a quilt, sit in the rocker and read a good book. What a great day!

  42. Beverly Lytle

    On a cold fall day my favorite thing to do is curl up under a blanket with a book and a cup of hot tea.
    On a warm fall day my favorite thing to do is walk through the woods enjoying the beautiful colors.

  43. Evelyn Lortz

    Raking leaves, followed by hot chocolate. Reading a good book (Vannetta Chapman recommended), knitting…..

  44. clcouch123

    My favorite thing to do on a fall day is to take a drive to nowhere in particular. The county above me is high and clear, and the fall colors there are especially full. I’ll drive there or not, stop, have a meal of not–usually, a cup of coffee at least–write (or not), then slowly drive home. I take back roads to avoid traffic as well as get more of the season. And because this is a time to think, feel, and reflect. Nature is not a church, though sometimes I’m sure this is a spiritual experience. Soulful, for sure. Thanks for the invite to share some narration on my favorite time of year.

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  46. Kelly

    I love to walk through the fallen leaves in my yard. We have a large old fruitless mulberry tree in our front yard. I always put off raking the leaves as long as I can so I can walk through them.

  47. Betty Powell

    I love the beautiful fall colors here in the mountains, and the smells of baking bread, & simmering soups & stews.

  48. alisa king

    My favorite thing to do on fall day watch football with my husband and have hot chocalate and popcorn.

  49. alisa king

    My favorite thing to do on a fall day is to take a ride to the mountains to see the keaces change and stand in awe of beauty god has made.

  50. Marilyn Vandivier

    I love to bake cookies and cakes. I like to try out new recipes I have found on face book and some of the other sites that I visit.

  51. Kathleen Berman

    I’ve downloaded the Pebble Creek story and did very much enjoy reading those novels. I used the kindle for PC for the short story since I don’t have a kindle. Thanks for the stories. I am from the East, but the pictures of the natural life that you show in your books is beautiful.

    I try to swim very early in the mornings for my health and when I drive over to the gym it is dark. But, in the fall it is beautiful to drive home afterwards with the early morning sun shining through the autumn leaves. It is like driving through a golden stained glass window.

  52. Michelle H.

    I revel in the cooling weather and begin to be able to breathe again. I love cuddling with my kids and a good book.

  53. Cindy Linthicum

    My favorite thing to do on a Fall day is hop in the car and head to Lancaster County to drive around Amish Country looking at the sights. I love enjoying every season up there.

  54. Karen Smith

    I like to have the water sitting on the stove hot all the day, hot cocoa and books sitting next to the couch when not at the table watching people walking in the rain and thencoming on here to see what every one is doing. I love this weather now that I don’t have to get out at five to go to work, but at the same I miss the kids. well hope to win so I can hand out book markers I love also collecting them.I love getting things from you and sharng about the great books you write. thank you Karen at thank you for this chance hope I am not late because of not having my computer working for a couple of days.

  55. Barbara P.

    I love to hang out laundry on a crisp Fall day. The clothes always smell so good when you bring them in.

  56. Carol Harris

    Other than sitting on my front porch surrounded by my cats & dog drinking coffee and reading while looking at the beautiful fall colors of the leaves on the surrounding trees, I like to take a walk with my dog, Bailey that I rescued 3 years ago. The fall breeze and leaves blowing in the air give me a feeling of wonder of life and I feel thankful and blessed for all that I have.

  57. Kathy Akers

    Fresh baked bread, home-made soup, sitting by the fireplace reading a good book,
    all while counting my blessings, both big and small!

  58. Darlene McFalls

    I love on a Fall day to curl up with a book, while drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Then looking out the window at the different color of the leaves.

  59. Sarah Howard

    In the fall I take my grandkids and go to Appledale Farm to pick apples. A tradition we do every year for 34 years, started with my children. We have so much fun picking apples and enjoy the beautiful colors of the trees, After picking we get cider and fried apple pies, the kids have a fun filled day.

  60. Holly Struve

    I love to make a big pot of chili, corn bread and then read a good book while cuddling on the couch with my microfleece blanket!

  61. Paula Osborne

    not sure if I had commented on this one, usually do when I see your name out there on a giaveaway…I am reading Christmas stories already and this one looks great..
    thanks for sharing Vannetta

    Paula O



  63. Bonnie

    My favorite things to do in fall: take a drive to view the leaves, curl up by the fire – with a good book, candles, & favorite hot drink, go on a hayride & have a bonfire – with weiner & marshmallow roast, afterwards!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  64. Robin

    Love to watch my dog play hide and seek in the leaves. When he’s finished I just smile at him and rake again.

  65. Janice Miller

    My favorite things to do on a fall day are to read a good book or to bake. I have also shared on Facebook

  66. Karen Dei

    Walking with my dog amongst falling leaves. Look At an old cemetery and wondering what their life was like way back when.

  67. Molly R. Moody

    My favorite thing to do on a fall day is drink a cup of hot tea and read a good book. Of course it does have to be pretty chilly for me to want a hot drink, otherwise I’ll just drink a mug of cold water. Living in south central Texas we don’t get all that many fall days that call for a hot drink though today is one of them, it’s 58o with 16 mph winds straight from the north.

  68. Doris Berry

    My favorite thing to do on a fall day is pop popcorn curl up in my favorite chair and read an Amish love story. Can’t beat that.

  69. Jan Brooks

    I love to go to a place here in Arkansas where they have herds of Elk and listen to them bugle. Also to stay in a cabin there and go hocking in the mountains.

  70. Mary Gessner

    To answer your question: What is may favorite thing to do on a fall day?
    It’s to talk a nice walk in the woods with my dogs, then work a little with my horses, or work in my yard for awhile, then go inside after a few hours when I’m good and tired (and maybe cold), have a wonderful cup of hot tea (or hot homemade cocoa), curl up next to the fireplace and read a good book. Can’t do any of that right now, though. I’m in Michigan taking care of my mother. She recently had heart surgery, had a pacemaker put in, and needs almost full-time care for awhile. BUT…I can still curl up next to “fake” fireplace (an electric one), and read a good book with a cup of tea. GOD is GOOD! :O)

  71. Paula Newton

    Going for a walk in the woods with my husband. We also like to take long drives through country roads, an see all the beauty.

  72. Jeanette

    Love the colors in October plus it’s time to snuggle up with warm blanket and have a cup of hot chocolate and good book plus I Start my crocheting projects
    thank you vannetta for booksmarks and plate marks also

  73. Patsy Nelsoñ

    I love to read. So when it’s quiet and breezy (not cold) sitting outside reading a good book with a tal glass of iced tea.

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