Merry Christmas!

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The Amish View – and Christmas

photo (2)I’m so excited about my new release – the Christmas Quilt. Often when I’m signing books people will ask me about the Amish and Christmas and even whether they are Christians. The answer to that last question is YES – they use the same Bible we do and they adhere to the same principles of the faith.

So what about Amish and Christmas? How different is it? Following are a few things that I’ve learned over the years, and of course you’ll read some of this in my book.

  • The Amish celebrate Christmas, but not as elaborately as we do.
  • There may be candles placed in the window, even battery operated candles.
  • There may be holly placed across the fireplace hearth.
  • But there are rarely Christmas trees. Some Amish communities do have Christmas trees, but even so they are decorated more simply – think popcorn strings.
  • Yard decorations are usually limited to wooden manger scenes
  • Gifts are exchanged, but they’re usually practical items.
  • One gift per person is the norm.
  • Christmas morning is often a time of fasting, and then there’s a big luncheon followed by private gift-giving.
  • Some communities still have First Christmas (religious celebration) and Second Christmas (gift giving and big meal)
  • The school holiday is short – usually only one extra day.

You’ve probably read some of this in other books before. Remember, these customs do change by the district. So what is customary for one group might be completely unheard of in another.

I’m excited about The Christmas Quilt. It’s a sweet story of love, family, miracles, and Christmas.

ps – the paperback book is already shipping, and the ebook will be available on 10-15 from all vendors. Click here for buying links.

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10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Judy B

    The Christmas Quilt was the best book I’ve ever read emotionally. Oh my goodness…if it doesn’t touch you deeply you have missed out on some great Blessings! Vannetta, you have another great book under your wings!

    Judy B

  2. Melissa L.

    I would love to get back to celebrating Christmas more simply. I am tired of how commercialized it has become. We try to limit our daughters to a main gift and only 3 or 4 smaller gifts. These gifts are usually practical things that they will use. Instead I want them to remember truly what Christmas is about.

  3. Nancee

    Merry Christmas, Vannetta! A Christmas Quilt was such a moving and memorable story. I loved it! You just get better and better, if that’s possible! LOL

  4. Lora Dietrich

    very happy about this. I don’t start to read the Christmas books until after Thanksgiving, it is hard to wait but always worth it.

    1. LeAnn Mooneyham

      I have read the first chapter and loved it. I can wait till I get it. Every book you have wrote and heart warming and touching. Thank you for awesome books, that I can’t put down.

  5. Brenda Nixon

    In answer to the “are they Christians?” questions be sure to explain the different orders – or flavors – of Amish 🙂 True, some are. The strictest on the spectrum, Swartzentruber & Old Orders – do not teach salvation through God’s grace nor allow Bibles to be read in English, thus keeping their people relying on the Bishop’s interpretation.