Fall Festivals

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We’ve talked a little about fall here on this blog. Most of you admit to enjoying the change in the seasons.

So I thought we’d take a look at some of the Amish communities, and their fall festivals.

  • Shipshewana has a Fall Crafters Fair that highlights goods made by local artisans, including the Amish. You can read more about it here.
  • The Farm at Walnut Creek in Ohio has a festival coming up. Details are here.
  • Lancaster County in PA has several fall festivals which you can read about here.

It’s another thing we have in common with Amish folks–we all enjoy the change from summer’s heat to the windy and cooler days of fall, and we all like to take the time to appreciate the harvest that God has provided.

Have you been to a fall festival? I’d love to hear the name of it and location. There might be someone here who lives in the area and would like to attend.




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6 thoughts on “Fall Festivals

  1. Juanita Cook

    There is a big fall craft show this week end in Council Bluff, Iowa. A little over 50 miles from us here in Lincoln, NE. . We love going to it every year if we can.

  2. Judy B

    Funny you should ask, have you been to a fall festival. Well…hubby and I will be going to our Fall Apple Festival today here in Kendallville, Indiana. We go every year and enjoy all the good food and checking out some of the vendors and just mostly watching people and how things were done in the good ole days. In order to participate in the festival, everyone must dress in the fashion of the days gone by. (Those who attend the event do not have to dress in the days gone by fashion.) Our church has a booth set up each year selling New Brunswick Stew along with fruit shishkabob’s dipped in melted chocolate. Soft drinks, hot drinks, and water are also served. With the proceeds for our two day endeavors the money is put in our church fund called, In His Name. This fund not only helps those in need financially from our church but from our community.

    I will try to post some pics on FB from our news media regarding our week-end festival. The public turn out should be great today. High’s in the 80’s…tomorrow not so great..80% chance of rain. So I will not worry about the weather for God Is In Control!

    Judy B

  3. Melissa L.

    I haven’t been to a fall festival recently but when I lived in Ohio in my younger days, the change from summer to fall was official in my mind when we attended the Apple Festival in Hartford, Ohio. I loved going up there and seeing the parade and crafts. Also the the fall fair in Transfer, Pa. Loved watching the truck and tractor pulls and seeing the crafts, the canning and the art entries. Also, visiting the animals was a great time. Miss those days!! Festivals are not the same where I live.

  4. LeAnn Mooneyham

    We have several fall festivals. Been to one and there are many more. Love to just walk around and look at the different craft things and home canning things. I love this time of year. There is also the changing of colors that only God can make.

  5. Mallory Fry

    Just went to Salmon Days this weekend in Issaquah, Washington. It’s always held the first weekend in October usually, and celebrates art as well as the return of the salmon to spawn, which you can watch at the salmon hatchery! I highly recommend it! Blessings to you too, Vannetta!

    1. Ramona Dahl

      There is a fall festival in Rising Star, Tx this Saturday. We found it by accident one year when we went for a drive. It takes place in a small park. There is a children’s train ride, baked goods, silent auction, and a place where you can buy pumpkins. It is a very simple festival, but feeds the soul. We hope to go again this year.