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fall quiltIsn’t this lovely? I saw it at a quilt show in Bryan, TX last week. It made me happy just looking at it, and then I thought of all the hours put into the piecing and quilting. The quilter spent a lot of time on it!

Which reminded me of 1 Corinthians 10:31

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

We’re not all crafty. We don’t all know how to quilt! But God has given each of us a special talent–whether it’s working with children, a skill in an office, or being a parent or grandparent. I pray that today is a good day for you, and that you do whatever you do “for the glory of God.”





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9 thoughts on “Art and Inspiration

  1. Geri Kelley

    Amen I know as I have gotten older and recovering from some pretty serious illnesses my talents have changed I try where I can but I have slowed down a lot…thank-you for your beautiful words I greatly appreciate them hope your week is truly blessed my dear friend.

    Geri Kelley

  2. Melissa L.

    I totally agree with this post. I have learned what I hope is to be a better Mom since I had to stop working and become a stay at home Mom. I try to think now before I react. The quilt is beautiful. I hope to one day be able to take the time to quilt.

  3. Judy B

    Vannetta, I absolutely love that Quilt. Even though I am not a quilter nor talented when it comes to making things, God still uses me. We are studying the Holy Spirit Sunday mornings as well as Wednesday morning Bible Study. Wow…the Power of The Cross!

    I try daily to do and say things to Glorify God. I’m not perfect, but then God is not finished with me yet!

    Judy B

  4. Juanita Cook

    Beautiful quilt. I used to do a lot of crafts when I was younger, But since then I have has to slow down so much. Bur love seeing all the beautifl things that people create still.