Harvest Days

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The Amish Way – Harvest Days



There’s something about fall that is soothing. Summer’s work is done. Winter hasn’t yet arrived, and we’re able to enjoy the changing of the seasons.

For the Amish, harvest time is also family time. They reap the rewards of the work in the fields together. They celebrate God’s abundance together. Families–including women and children–go out and help to bring in what has been produced.

I like that image. I like families doing things together. In our family, it’s hard to even pinpoint everyone in the same town at the same time. So there’s something about the simplicity of a family together on a farm that calls out to me.

We’re all reaping the harvest though–whether it’s crops or a lifetime of work in an office. Whether it’s wheat or God’s blessings of love and family and forgiveness. The harvest reminds us that God is good, and that we have much to be thankful for. My prayer is that this harvest season will be a special time for you and your family.



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8 thoughts on “Harvest Days

  1. Judy B

    I love the Fall time of the year. It is sad to me in a way though because we are leaving Summer behind. This year I hope to concentrate on the beauty of Fall and not worry about what is to come. There is nothing better than going for a walk on a Fall cool crisp morning with the bountiful colorful foliage and the sun shining just right on the trees bringing out the clear vibrant colors…it is breathtaking.

    Harvest time is a good time to be thankful. Even though my family is distant from me I can still enjoy the Blessings God has so graciously given to me.

    Thank you for this post Vannetta!

    Judy B

    1. Peggy Rayburn

      I love the fall season. Everything is full of energy and beauty. I love he picture on your post. You know me and Amish buggies

  2. Melissa L.

    I love the fall. It is my favorite time of the year. Everything is getting ready for a long winter nap. The animals are preparing for their winter. It is a time for the harvest after the long growing season. It is time to pull out the chili and soup recipes.

  3. vannettachapman Post author

    Thank you all for enjoying your FALL thoughts. Here in Texas, we are definitely looking forward to the change in the weather.