The State of Christian Fiction

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Carol_Award_Gold_-_no_base_transparent_backgroundACFW Conference and The State of Christian Fiction

Even as I’m writing this post, I’m preparing for the ACFW conference. In fact, I’m writing it early so that you’ll have something to read while I’m gone. ACFW is American Christian Fiction Writers, and it is probably the largest group of Christian fiction writers. Last year I was honored with a Carol Award for Falling to Pieces. Although I wasn’t in attendance, due to family needs, I felt that was a high compliment indeed. Nearly as high a compliment as the letters and notes I receive from you. At ACFW our stated mission is–

… to promote Christian Fiction through developing the skills of our members, educating them in the market, and serving as an advocate in the traditional publishing industry.

That’s quite a mission, especially the last one. We live and write in a time when the traditional market seems to be leaning ever more to the R or X rated side of entertainment. And so our mission is something that we can’t accomplish without God’s provision and your prayers.

Do you have a Christian author that you enjoy reading? Pray for them. Encourage them. Bless them. In return, we’ll keep seeking God’s will and blessing you with well written, clean, faithful stories.

Thank you for all you do.



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20 thoughts on “The State of Christian Fiction

  1. Vera Godley

    I would think that having one’s books sell and re-sell and continue to sell would be the strongest of encouragement. Having interaction with your readers who shower you with accolades and praise or words indicating their positive reception of your books would undoubtedly rank next. Receiving the encouragement and positive praise from your fellow authors for quality of writing, intensely engaging story lines, and development of characters would be high on the list. Then awards from recognized agencies or groups for specific titles you’ve written is like winning the blue ribbon at the county fair (or better).

    Which is best or which is most valuable? I don’t know. Professionals – such as librarians or publishers – would probably look at the awards from agencies or groups. But what would an individual author, such as yourself, deem most valuable? I don’t have a clue. You would love the accolades of fellow authors because they know personally the toil you put into your work. You would love the higher numbers of books sold should that be your blessing. And hopefully, you would fine the individual reader’s words of encouragement and praise for the enjoyment they received from your work a “good thing.”

    As one of your “group” or “team” I feel it an honor to be able to be in the little group of encouragers and hope that my voice rings a bell of joy for you.

    1. vannettachapman

      For me, the most encouragement is when I receive email or letters from readers. Then you know your words are being used by God to minister to hearts, and that’s really the point of it all. Thank you for your post, Vera.

  2. Judy B

    As long as Christian authors like you keep writing good clean books for us to read we will support and pray for each and everyone of you! Speaking for myself I enjoy reading about faith, forgiveness, redemption, grace, mercy, and most of all Hope. Hope for better days coming when we can spend eternity with God. What a Glorious Day that will be.

    I have enjoyed being on your team Vannetta and I have seen you in person twice. How many people in a lifetime get that chance? You are down to earth and I can tell you love to interact with your readers. So thank you for giving me a chance to be on this great team.

    Judy B

  3. Debra Bearden

    I have about 10 of you wonderful Amish fiction writers that I follow. I read all of your books. Yes, I am a hugh fan of Amish fiction and recipe books. I pray for all of you and your families daily. Keep the great books coming. Love you all

  4. Kristi M

    I think people like the books that you and other Christian authors write because they good, clean books to read. As you mentioned so many books are becoming R or X rated. My mother and I have Kindle Fires that we read on. I get her books for her and I have to make sure I am not getting her a bunch of filth to read (how embarrassing would that be!) as she doesn’t like that type of story. She and I both like books about people we can relate to who are down to earth and can (while we are reading about them) become neighbors and friends. People you actually want to meet; then realize they are fictional characters.

    I also think the Amish fiction genre is becoming more popular in our hectic world because we all yearn for simpler times before technology took over our lives. It amazes me how the Amish can live in a world full of technology and still lead their simple lives.

    I recently met you and others in Carmel, IN at a book signing. Every single one of you four ladies were down to earth, personable people. I could tell you enjoyed speaking to us there to meet you and get books signed. You care about your readers and that showed in your interaction with us. That goes a long way.

    As long as you continue to write good, clean books that are entertaining to read there will be people like myself to read them. You are creating a product that is much wanted and needed.

  5. pag36

    I only read good clean books Vanetta yours being one, Wanda Brunstetter, Bev Lewis , Kelly Long reading one of hers now Arms full of Love takes place in 1777 and of course it is about the Amish. You all are in my prayers and I thank God for your talent. God bless all of you and ones reading this

  6. Linda D. McFarland

    Thanks, Vannetta for seeking God’s will and writing books that you don’t have to take a bath after reading because your books aren’t filled with filth! I enjoy Amish fiction and historical fiction as well written by Jody Hedlund…also Shaker fiction by Ann Gabhart. I do pray for you and other authors and thank God for your talents. You are very special indeed, Vannetta Chapman and although we’ve never met, you are a blessing in my life…Linda

    1. KayM

      Vannetta, I hope you are having a wonderful time at the ACFW conference. I am so thankful for Christian writers and do whatever I can to promote you and your books. Christian fiction is such blessing and I know that lives are changed daily through the words you pen.

  7. Melissa L.

    I have switched over the years to reading mainly Christian themed books. I love reading about hope, God’s love, forgiveness and good clean books. When I do happen to pick up a book that interests me that isn’t Christian based, I do see a difference. I have not ever liked books with a lot of violence or bad language. However, since I am able to overlook many of the bad words, I have found books that carry good ideas that are not Christian based. It is just harder to read at times. Thank you for your books. I have enjoyed them all so far!!

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      As an English professor, I also read broadly Melissa. And like you, I’ve found books with good stories and points that aren’t necessarily “Christian.” I believe God can use them too. 🙂

  8. Juanita Cook

    Vannetta, Hope you are having a great time at the ACFW conference. I just returned home today from a wonde4rfful week end in Berlin, Ohio and am getting around to checking all my messages. Love reading good clean Christian books.

  9. Sparkle

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and for brining the Amish to life in your books. I enjoy reading your books and look forward to the new one. Also shared on FB.