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Wisconsin Amish schoolroomBack to School Ideas from Readers

In my last newsletter, I asked readers to share a back-to-school memory. As fall arrives and your children (or your neighbor’s children) head back to the classroom, I thought It would be fun to share a few of these.

In grade school … after school hours, I went back to the school and climbed up the “tunnel” that went to the second floor and was going to slide down – – you guessed it – – someone opened up the door that leads to the “tunnel” from the classroom and through a bucket of water down!!!!  What an experience that was!!!  How embarrassing too!!!! ~Judy

This year marks the 30th year of my career of a teacher. My Mom tells me I was telling people I would grow up to be a teacher even before I went to school and knew what a teacher was.  I was writing comprehension questions for my dolls at a very early age.  For my back to school memory, it would have to be when I started the 3rd grade, and I told my class that I would someday come back to this same school and be a teacher!  Well, guess what?  I am back in my elementary school that I attended and have been for 30 years.  I even team teach with a lady that I taught when “she” was in the 3rd grade!  ~Susan

My mom and I spent a special day together in our local fabric store selecting a couple of dress patterns then we chose enough fabric to make at least 5 dresses, one for each day of the week. I remember how creative my mom was coordinating fabrics for the collars, belts, skirts, and even center panels making the dresses look so different even though they were cut from the same pattern! ! I was so proud to wear my new dresses and found it so hard to select my favorite one to wear on the first day of school!! ~Charlotte

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9 thoughts on “Reader Thoughts, Back to School

  1. Andrea Woodard

    I remember waiting for my sister to get out of school and went looking for her. Her teacher asked me to wash the blackboards and I went out to the bathroom to get water in the basin. I went back into the classroom and washed the boards. went back to the bathroom to empty the basin, when I got back to the classroom where I left my stuff. the teacher had left and locked my stuff inside. I had to go to the principal’s office to get someone to unlock the door, so I could retrive my stuff. My sister is 4 1/2 years older than me, so I was a bit scared about doing this.

    1. vannettachapman Post author

      Andrea, isn’t it interesting how many of our school memories revolve around something that scared us a little. I remember my FIRST time on the bus (kindergarten I suppose), I forgot where to get off! So I just sat at the back, hoping I’d recognize something. Finally the bus driver realized I was back there and got me home. lol. It’s wasn’t the LAST time I got lost either … 🙂

  2. Melissa L.

    My memory is when I was in kindergarten. Our school was a distance away from the elementary school. Kindergarten had their own building out in the woods. Well we that went to afternoon kindergarten (because they had two sessions) had to be bused to the elementary school in order to get our main buses home. Well there were five buses in a line coming from the kindergarten school. We were last in line and had gotten separated from the other buses by first a red light then a train. By the time we arrived at the elementary school all the buses were gone. We had to sit in the halls of the elementary while the school called our parents and made arrangements to get us home. I was so upset since this was only the 2nd or 3rd week of school, that I told my Mom I was not going back. Well of course that didn’t work and she had me at the bus stop the next day for school LOL!!

  3. Judy B

    I loved reading these posts! So many good memories and a few bad ones for me. Thanks for this posting Vannetta! I plan to come back and read more stores as they are shared.

    (Ask my Sister Carolyn Jefferson why she received a spanking in grade school! She still declares she was innocent!)

    Judy B

  4. sonja1971

    As a new immigrant from Germany, when I started school in America, my mom was insistent that I maintain my native language. So after school she taught me to read and write in German. Because it would have been somewhat boring to do this on my own, she had me include my new two best friends, who learned to speak as well as read and write German. I remember at that time, I thought it was something I didn’t want to do, afterall I was an American now. However, now that time has passed, my occupation has me using my German every day at work. I couldn’t love her more for having had the patience and love to do this for me.