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The Amish Way – Headed Back to School

Of course it isn’t only the Amish who are headed back to school. Around the country, teachers are preparing for classes, mothers and dads are praying for a good year, and students are moaning the end of summer. I love this picture of a one room schoolhouse in Wisconsin – beckons back to simpler times.

This week I wanted to celebrate with you the return to school. Today’s prize includes —DSCN8877

  • Autographed copy of A Promise for Miriam (my story which is set in a one room schoolhouse)
  • A notepad with the original cover of Falling to Pieces
  • Quilted small bag
  • Vannetta Chapman pen

To enter, please leave a comment below. To earn an extra entry, post on facebook, tweet, email to someone or call someone! If you want to post on Facebook or tweet, you could put —

Celebrate back-2-school with VC and enter for a chance to win cool stuff! @vannettachapman #amishromance

Post another comment letting me know you’ve done one of the above, and you’ll be entered again.

Blessings as everyone returns to the academic year. May homework be light and classes be exactly what you wished for.


p.s. – See the front of my webpage for a special ebook price on Miriam. You can order one for yourself, and if you win this copy–give it to a friend!



119 thoughts on “Back 2 School!

  1. Sharon Orshaw

    I was invited to attend the Christmas program at an Amish school one year. It was like stepping back 100 years to a much simpler time. They hung a sheet over one corner at the front of the schoolroom to hide their props, etc. They sang songs with one child starting each song and then everyone joining in. They put on little skits and recited pieces. The older children assisted the little ones. Meanwhile the audience consisted mainly of Mothers and Grandmothers, and we sat on hard backless benches for about 2 hours. Precious memory!

  2. Connie R.

    Of course I will post on FB and if I win that copy of Miriam I would give it to my mother in law who has the rest of the series but not that one because I purchased it for my Kindle app and couldn’t give it to her!

  3. Paula Osborne

    Yes school starting all over the country and happy for the little ones…I will share this today, always enjoy your books.
    thanks for sharing

    Paula O(

  4. Janie Conrad

    Going back 2 school was always a special time for me as a child. It meant I got to see all of my friends I hadn’t seen over the summer. I’d love to have your book, and read it as my last book before Fall, and all the fun it brings. ~janie

  5. Rita DeCook

    you have such wonderful give-aways. Just loved your book “A Wedding for Julia”. Looking for some more e-books to put on my Kindle so that it is easier to take when I travel.

  6. Ann Corder

    Oh, how I love reading your Amish fiction books and getting lost in the characters and their adventurous lives. I would be so honored to receive your book and the other goodies.

  7. Jane Squires

    Love your books. Would love to win. My grandchildren had their first day yesterday. Summer went by too fast.

  8. Dorothy Perry

    Good Morning Vannetta – Great morning here in Michigan – Great morning to be out on the deck reading one of your wonderful books – I love everyone of your books and would love to win one! I will be sharing on facebook! – Thanks so much – have a wonderful day!

  9. sonja1971s

    What a peaceful looking picture. I took one of an Amish school in Minnesota last month. I thought of the huge school I went to and this gave me the thought of “one on one” learning. Kind of “home-school” like, where someone really cares enough about you, to take the time… love it and would love to win

  10. Judy B

    I know my grandchildren are excited about going back to school. They start back on Monday in Stockholm, Sweden. My granddaughter Abby is a six grader this year, while my grandson Sawyer starts Kindergarten. He is so excited.

    I love your books Vannetta and have read them all. I would love to win this prize package.

    Judy B

  11. Dorene Bell

    I love your books, I borrow from the Library, but I still buy some on my Kindle. I live among the Amish. They are fascinating people. I will post on facebook also.

  12. Katrina

    You are so right about everyone heading back to school. My children have already been back for a week now. Of course, we have been having cooler temps so it really does feel like summer is over.
    I love the book cover. A cover really peaks a persons interest to find out what the story is all about. Would love to read this book.

  13. Melissa L.

    We started back to school the last week of July. I wanted to start early so that we can take off an extra week or some days later. Love the flexibility of home schooling!!

  14. Martha Franks

    Would love to win. School days are long gone for my girls and all of my grands are in college, but I remember. I have heard so many say they are so glad school is starting, but I always hated it because we had such a good time when school was out. Guess I grew up with my kids!

  15. Shelley Morris

    I have read quite a few of your books & greatly enjoyed them. This is a beautiful giveaway. I would love to add more of your books to my reading shelf & share with family & friends. Keep up the good work & thanks for the giveaway.

  16. Don

    Love the school house, Vannetta. This brings to mind a curiosity question: Does the Amish school schedule (e.g., number of days per year, and number of hours per day) pretty much match English schools?

  17. Beverly Fenley

    I have really enjoyed reading your books. I have one waiting impatiently on the Kindle right now that I hope to start today or tomorrow. What fun to know the author!
    I’ll be glad to win this one!

  18. Carol Bradford

    I thoroughly enjoy your books, Vannetta. As I read them I feel as if I’m actually there and participating in whatever is happening. They have all been such a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us!

  19. Holly Guthrie

    Although I’m sad school is starting back, I’m a little excited about the prospect of the new school year. I love reading your books and would love to win this! Thanks for having the great give-aways!

  20. Paula

    Would love to win! I also shared on Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win. Have a blessed day, Vannetta!

  21. Lyynn Hughes

    I am so excited for the chance to win today’s prize..I love your books.
    I still think you should write something more about the Shipshewana series….

  22. Debbie Rhoades

    I always looked forward to going back to school, catching up with friends, getting back into the learning routine. Thanks for the chance to win, Vannetta!

  23. Judith A Fritz

    Vannetta, I dearly love reading your books. I get deeply engrossed in the Amish books. Too bad life for us has to be so fast paced. Sometimes I think I would like to live back in the olden days before life got so complicated – – would be so much less stressful!! Thanks for the chance of winning another fabulous book!! Judy F

  24. Tiny Alderson

    Would love to have this book for my granddaughter. Thank you for writing novels I can share without reservation!

  25. susanlulu2013

    Yes, I head back to school on Monday. (even though I have already been working in my class on my own time) This will be my 30th year. I teach at the school I attended as a child. I knew as a child I would be coming back to teach in “that” school.

  26. Mary Darlene Ellsworth

    Back to school means I am blessed to have my 11 yo grandson with me after school on school days. (He works w/ his dad during summer & school breaks.) I also watch his 22 month old brother full time. I am SO blessed! Love your books Vannetta! Thanks for the opportunity to enter. God bless!
    Mary E

  27. pag36

    I always enjoy your books. Thank you for a chance to win this.
    Seems like school just ended now ready to start again soon. I have
    a g-son who will be a Sophomore this year so praying he does
    well. He will be 16 in Sept. God bless all reading this, Patti in VA

  28. Pegg Thomas

    We have a one-room Amish school about a mile down the road. Love watching all the children walking to school. Tough little kids too, they walk in all weather. The Amish don’t hover over their kids the way we do. I think there is wisdom in that.

  29. Linda McFarland

    Great contest! Would love to win and when I drive around Lancaster Co., PA I love to drive by the amish schools….it’s especially fun to see the little children out playing or when they are on their way home swinging their empty Igloo coolers…too cute! Thanks for the opportunity to win…Linda

  30. Bonnie

    I love touring the Shipshewana area – appreciate the simplicity, convictions, craft skills, & cooking of the Amish, & visit Amish communities as often as possible.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your books!


  31. Julie

    What a wonderful treat this would be to win. I love your writing! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe year back at school.

  32. Anncan2

    Praying for our next adventure. On Monday my 6th & 9th grade daughter start homeschooling. So I guess we will have our own one-room schoolhouse 🙂

  33. Barbara Green

    Would love to win your giveaway. I love reading your books and I’m intrigued with anything Amish.

  34. Donita Corman

    The bag is beautiful..Back to school for me means waiting on calls fo sub for the TAs that need off work. Sometimes I get more work that way than when I was on staff . Wishing all a great school year

  35. A J Hawke

    My mom taught at a one-room school house.
    Through the years some great learners came from such schools.
    No frills, no technology, just hard work and learning.
    Would love to win the books.

  36. Lisa

    My mother was a teacher and has talked about wanting to spend tine in an Amish schoolhouse. I would share t his with her.

  37. Linda Johnston

    Vannetta, your books are great! Yes, it is back to school time. For me this year, my youngest starts his final semester working on his Master’s degree in the seminary. It was a strange feeling to feel that it was probably the last semester for any of my kids to be in school. I made him take a picture and send it to me. 🙂

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