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Give-aways, Winning, and You

I have had so much fun celebrating with you tgift2he last week. We’ve logged over 5,000 visitors to this page — in one week! And I’ve enjoyed each of your comments. Know that we do read these, even if we can’t respond to each one.

You ALL are winners, in my opinion. And I’m blessed to have you travel with me on my writing journey. I hope you did sign up to receive BLOG NOTIFICATIONS, as I’ll soon be receiving copies of A Wedding for Julia, and you know I will have give-aways for that. I also have some special gifts put back that I want to share during our summer months.

Now to the winners of last weeks drawing. They’ve all been contacted, so if your name is the same as one of these, but you didn’t receive an email, then it’s not you this time. (No worries! We’ll have another drawing soon.)

Day 1 – Mary Lou

Day 2 – Heather

Day 3 – Barb

Day 4 – Robin

Day 5 – June

Day 6 – Geri

Day 7 – Kathy

Facebook drawing – Mippy (Sabrina)

Thanks again for leaving your comments, and I hope that June is a wonderful month for you!




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