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I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled blog to appear this week in my agency’s Blog Hop. If you click here you’ll see the original post and all of the other authors from the Seymour Agency who are participating. Click here and you can read my previous post, “Before the Call.”

I’ll tell you what I remember about “my call” from my agent, offering me representation.

  • I remember thinking “finally” – because several writers I knew were already represented, and I couldn’t figure out why my call was taking so long.
  • I clearly recall being worried, wondering if I was making the right decision, and praying that God would give me a peace about what I was doing.
  • I also remember that at the time Mary Sue called me I was driving to a job interview. It was a call-back. I’d already been through one interview process, and I was certain this was the job for me – teaching remedial English at a local community college. I did NOT get the job, and I didn’t understand that. I was qualified! I had experience! What was going on? But God had a plan …
  • I had received calls from a few other agents. They were odd. One spent 30 minutes telling me why she wouldn’t represent me. Another kept saying, “We’ll need a little more time.” And then there were the rejections! When Mary Sue called me, there was no hesitancy in her offer. She liked my writing and wanted to be my agent.

Life didn’t change immediately after that, but looking back I see it was another milestone. I realize that many authors are successful without an agent. The things I wanted to do though, they required someone with experience, with contacts in the publishing world, and someone who shared my Christian view. Mary Sue was all those things and more.

What about after the call? Come back Friday, and I’ll let you know.


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22 thoughts on “My Call

  1. Kathleen Greffin Popp

    Sooo happy you were patient! Although you would have no doubt been a good teacher. I can’t imagine being without your gift of writing our the readers books. We all look forward to many more! Can’t wait til Friday to hear more! Gods blessings!

  2. Donita Corman

    Enjoy reading about your concerns because I have gone through similar feelings when I lost my job as a teaching assistant and not getting the jobs ive applied for..God has his plans and its been good to see what he has done and will do.So Happy hes put you into my life.

  3. Susan Fryman

    I’m really loving your story about your call. I’m also looking forward to Friday’s installment. Blessings, Susan Fryman