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I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled blog to appear this week in my agency’s Blog Hop. If you click here you’ll see the original post and all of the other authors from the Seymour Agency who are participating. Some of you are aspiring writers and some of you are readers who like to read about the writing life. Either way, I hope you enjoy this week’s posts, and please let me know if you have any questions!

Before I received a call from my agent, Mary Sue Seymour, I was busy writing all sorts of manuscripts. Yes, they were all completed. I’d finish one and move on to the next idea. I still have the list!

  • 1 young adult
  • 1 contemporary western
  • 1 historical narrative
  • 2 romantic suspense
  • 1 short contemporary
  • 2 inspirational romances

Mary Sue called me after the romantic suspense manuscripts and before the short contemporary. As you can see, I was trying my hand at just about everything. Currently I am writing Amish contemporaries for 3 publishers.

I did send a cold query to Mary Sue, but it was after I’d done my research. I was querying everyone in the Jeff Herman’s Gide to Literary Agents who represented the things I was writing. I worked my way through the alphabet, week by week. I sent out 7 queries a week.  When 1 came back, I sent out 2 more.

What about the actual call? I’ll go into that on Wednesday …




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32 thoughts on “Before “the call”

  1. Tonya Kuper

    Holy cow! You have tried writing a little of everything. : ) I love seeing success stories come from queries! I’ve been those query trenches too. Glad to get to know you!

  2. kathibud5038

    Waiting for Wednesday to hear more of your story! I can’tt tell you how much I enjoy your books. I love your inspirations too and your Wednesday prayer circle. Will you continue writing Amish mysterys and romance?God Bless!

  3. Christina

    V, you are like my greatest inspiration, you know that don’t you? Don’t mean to put so much on your shoulders, but you write (absolutely engaging), you do things with needles–crocheting/knitting, you quilt, hike. The list goes on. Wish I had half your energy. 🙂 Can’t wait to read your call story.

    1. vannettachapman

      Oh, Christina. 🙂 I’ll tell you a little-known fact. When I was a baby and a young child, I was very sick. I had to stay in my crib for about 18 hours a day. So I THINK maybe all that energy built up inside of me. Hee hee hee. It’s a theory! Hugs,

  4. Betty Woods

    Thanks for sharing and encouraging those of us still waiting for the call. I’ve been having a down day, and you’ve helped me a lot.

  5. Jen J. Danna

    I love it – your query system sounds so much like mine! Very methodical and logical and you kept moving forward no matter what. Good for you! And it totally paid off for you.

    Looking forward to Wednesday… 🙂