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Material Witness, Excerpt #1

Today I thought I’d share a short excerpt from Material Witness. This is from Chapter 10 (page 121). Melinda has learned that her son, Aaron — her handicapped son — is in danger. She’s hurried home to warn her family, but when she arrives no one is there.

As Ginger nudged Melinda’s hand searching for a treat, it was plain from her labored breathing to the way she shuffled her feet that she actually needed some water and a few minutes rest.

So Melinda unharnessed her from the buggy, pulled her into the coolness of the barn, and dropped a cup full of feed into her bucket. Then she made sure there was plenty of water for her to drink. Going through the motions of those chores calmed Melinda, forced her to think rather than react.

Her instinct was to turn and hurry back to town as quickly as possible, but hurrying wasn’t always the wisest course of action. Hurrying could get her family killed.

She needed to stop, rest the horse, and think.

She needed to focus and determine how best to prepare for the hours and days ahead.

She needed to pray.

(copyright 2012 by Vannetta Chapman)

Many of us admire the Amish–the way they support one another, the way they live simply, and the way they stand firm in their faith. I tried to show those things in this scene. Have there been times in your life when you wanted to hurry, but you needed to be still … and pray?


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12 thoughts on “Excerpt 1, MW

  1. Carolyn Jefferson

    This is interesting. I can’t wait to start reading Material Witness.
    Thanks Vannetta. I really enjoy all your books.
    God bless,

  2. Karla Hanns

    You have just helped me in what I am trying to do right now. As you would say, as I would , it is a God thing. Your article met my needs and reminded me of how I need to thing and why. Thanks , Vannetta, If I had time I would reread your book now, but I have 4 books sitting here to be read and 3 others to be reviewed. Poor Barbara Cameron, she has been very patient waiting for her review. Thank you for your wise words. Love ya and God bless,

  3. Juanita Cook

    I haven’t started your series of the shipshe mysteries yet. But do have them on my kindle. Still trying to catch up on all the books I have to read. Hoping to get to them soon.

  4. Janet Fields

    I loved that book and it was even purchased in Shipshewana… That even made it more real to me. I love your writing…