My Guilty Pleasure

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Things I Love to Do

IMG_0102I think the title of this blog is funny, because I don’t really feel guilty about the things that I enjoy. I’ve come to believe that “self care” is really important. It helps us to keep a positive clear outlook on life. It helps us to be the kind of people we should be–generous, kind, optimistic. It helps us to see God’s hand gently guiding our lives. Taking care of Continue reading

Amish Fun Facts 3

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I wanted to share more Amish fun facts. I hope you enjoy these. Many people ask me about the day to day happening in Amish life.

  • Do they celebrate holidays?
  • What kind of toys do the children play with?
  • How does that dating thing really work?

I’ve enjoyed visiting with Amish families and asking these questions myself. Click on each picture to enlarge it, and feel free to share on your Facebook pages or twitter feeds or just forward the email to someone who enjoys learning about the Amish. These pictures are from Amish communities in Ohio and Indiana. If you ever get the chance to visit, they’re both wonderful places to go.

You may occasionally read different and even conflicting things in Amish books. This is because each community does things a little differently. Their churches operate independently, although they share the same traditions. The Ordnung (rules) of each community are decided by local leadership and members. What have you learned about the Amish that surprised you? Leave a comment and I’ll choose one winner to send an Amish prize package to.



Announcements for this week:

  • My next Amish book, What the Bishop Saw, releases six weeks. This is a new cozy mystery series, and it takes place in Monte Vista, Colorado. Pre-order details here.
  • CBD is offering paperback versions of Raging Storm for $8.99. That’s 40% off. Amazon has lowered the price to $9.99.
  • My inspirational romantic suspense books, Hidden and Protected are currently 99 cents in the Kindle and Nook stores.
  • I’ll be selling and signing books at the Tyler Quilt Show this Friday and Saturday. If you live in the area, please stop by and say hello!