Amish Fun Facts 2

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Time for some more Amish fun facts! I hope you enjoy these. Click on each picture to enlarge it, and feel free to share on your Facebook pages or twitter feeds or just forward the email to someone who enjoys learning about the Amish. These are all pictures that I took while visiting Amish communities in Ohio and Indiana. If you ever get the chance, they’re both wonderful places to go.

Feel free to chime in with your comments/observations. I know that the Amish do things differently in different communities, so your experience might have been different than mine.



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2 thoughts on “Amish Fun Facts 2

  1. Maureen

    Looking forward to the release of your next book! One of my favorite vacations was through Amish country in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

  2. Janice Croft

    I am glad you are doing another Amish book. I have enjoyed all the ones you have done in the past. Guess I need to go Pre-order my copy.