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Help From You, in 2014


How is everyone doing? Did you make it through the holidays with all of your sanity and your wallet intact? Surviving the snow storms and cold temperatures? I certainly hope so. I pray this year is a very special one for you and your family.

I need your help this year. One of my goals is to revamp my blog. I want to make it more useful to you. I realize that we’re all busy, and you only have so much time. I’d like my blog to be something that is useful in your everyday life. If you would answer the 5 questions in a survey I made, I would appreciate it.┬áSimply fill in the survey below, scrolling through all 5 questions, and then hit SUBMIT. In the last question, you may put suggestions or any comments that you have.

Thank you so much!



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15 thoughts on “New Years Help

  1. Kara Grant

    Your blog reflects everything I love about you and your books, V, keep up the good work!! One of my fave things about your books is how you mix Englischers with the Amish, love your writing and looking forward to more of your books this year :)

  2. Rebecca Rankin

    I really enjoy reading your Amish books. I was reading other authors in the romance topic and a friend suggested your book. So I said ok I would read it and now I am hooked on the Amish books. I think its the way you write and the Amish way of doing things and living that keeps my interest. Its a more simple way of live. Even though you do more work. Keep the books coming I love them! As for the blog, I have never done one but I am interested in reading yours and maybe doing one myself. Happy New Year!

  3. Judy B

    Your blog is fantastic right now. I’m sure there are always ways to enhance it if you are looking for a change.

    Judy B

  4. Dorothy Perry

    I’ve enjoyed your blog and your newsletters – I don’t know how you could improve.
    I love and enjoy reading all of your books
    Happy New Year!

  5. Patricia T

    I did the survey but wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog, now. The only thing I could think of was more information about Amish life and lifestyle.

  6. Judy Corbin

    I submitted a comment, but I don’t see it. Hmmm. I had a message that said it had been submitted. Okay, I said that I love everything that you write in your blog. I like reading about you, the Amish, etc. I like your take on the Amish life because you know some of them personally, and you do so much research that I know what you say about them is factual, whether on your blog or in your books. Great job, Vannetta.

  7. vannettachapman Post author

    Thanks for your comments, everyone – and for taking the time to fill out the survey. It was VERY helpful. I’ll share some of the results on Saturday.